Wednesday, March 14, 2018

UMW Toyota Refreshes the Toyota Sienta for 2018 - Only One Variant is Offered, Down from Two

Toyota Sienta, the Toyota compact MPV which looks like an oversized basketball shoe or sneaker gets some changes for 2018. First introduced over in Malaysia in August of 2017, the Sienta was a breath of fresh air to some with its unique styling and looks. Whatever the styling was, the compact MPV was actually well designed with a lot of useful features. I personally found it quirky and nice to look at. Anyway, UMW Toyota have now decided that this year, there will be only one variant offered - the Sienta 1.5V.

The 2018 Toyota Sienta 1.5V now comes with additional accessories and features the same price it was offered when it was launched - From RM97,000. Now this is the only variant available as the more affordable, but more basic (or as basic a RM90,000 compact MPV can be) Sienta 1.5G has been dropped from the line-up. It seems Sienta buyers in Malaysia like the full specced version. This seems to be the case with many other top selling models from other manufacturers, the top model outsells the basic ones by a lot. And I thought people were struggling in this supposedly tough times. 

Anyway, before I add a little more sarcasm to this I have to tell you that the 2018 Sienta 1.5V  is now equipped with an upgraded 6.9-inch DVD-AVX system which has  Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI, SD Card Input as well as a Reverse Camera for added convinience. Actually since this is 2018, a reverse camera should be standard equipment as it actually helps keeping accidents down and it should be a necessity these days. So it is good that this is standard.

The Sienta 1.5V is now equipped with a USB charging port in the second row (above) so that the people at the back can have access to some power supply for their devices. No more fighting with the people up front. With the inclusion of trunk mat in the rear cargo area, there is a better protection for the boot floor. You can now peacefully dirty the heck out of the rear cargo area without much concern as you can easily remove the mat for cleaning. 

For those that want the added feature of built in navigation, they can also upgrade to the optional 7-inch touchscreen DVD-AVN system that comes with the GPS-based navigation system which comes with the added convinience of the locations of Toyota sales and aftersales outlets in Malaysia programmed into it. This system must be for those that somehow do not have a smartphone with some map based GPS application on it. Most likely somehow who is still stuck in the early 2000s. So, yes, you can buy an infotainment system for some extra Ringgit.

Another new option for the Sienta 1.5V is the optional Panoramic View Monitor. There are cameras around the Sienta capturing the side and front views, enabling the driver to spot any obstacles or hazards which may not be visible from inside or in the rear view mirrors. Now having a 360 degree camera is a much more beneficial add-on I think. 

For RM97,000++ the Sienta 1.5V is quite a unique package. It has something I like which is called rarity. Not many have bought this compact MPV and it does make one stand out a little. It may be priced slightly steeper (which could be the main reason why it is seen less) than its competitors from Honda, Perodua, Proton and Toyota itself with the more rudimentary Avanza, but it does have a nice equipment list and that slightly quirky styling. 

The Sienta 1.5V also comes with a 5-year warranty and unlimited mileage. The warranty is transferable to the next owner subject to the usual terms and conditions. 

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