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Renault Koleos Signature - A More Premium Variant of The Koleos 2WD is Now Available in Malaysia

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the authorised distributor of Renault vehicles in Malaysia, have announced another variant in the Malaysian Renault Koleos lineup - the Renault Koleos Signature. This is a a new two-wheel drive (2WD) variant of Renault’s flagship D-segment SUV and it is now available for booking at all Renault branch showrooms nationwide. Prices of this new variant sits somewhere in between the Koleos 2WD and the Koleos 4WD, at RM198,800 (on-the-road inclusive of GST, without insurance, for Peninsular Malaysia and private registrationonwards.

As stated above, the new Renault Koleos Signature variant presents an intermediate offering within Renault’s high-end large SUV line-up in Malaysia, which currently includes the Koleos 2WD and 4WD. It basically offers a lot of the equipment and features fitted to the Koleos 4WD, the top of the range Koleos here. Colour options available include Marron Red, Universal White, Meissen Blue, Grey Metallic and Black Metallic.

On feature that differentiates a premium specced car from the base models is that it will usually offer enhanced connectivity or a better infotainment system. The Koleos Signature incorporates a new smartphone replication feature through the R-LINK 2 multimedia system that is compatible with both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. This function is integrated into the vehicle’s large capacitive touchscreen / infotainment display and allows for information to be easily transferred from one display to another. A steering wheel-activated control allows drivers to safely and vocally communicate instructions when accessing the various apps that are suitable for use while driving, such as calling, messaging and music.

Like the Koleos 4WD, the Koleos Signature comes with a hands-free power tailgate. The power tailgate opened by buttons from within the vehicle or on the power tailgate itself as well as using the Renault Smart Keycard. The added function of the hand-free action is present as even if the driver has his or her hands full and the keycard not in his grasp, the tailgate or rear hatch can be opened with a simple swipe of the foot underneath the rear bumper. Aside from the above equipment, the Koleos Signature also features an electric panoramic sunroof and premium brown leather seat upholstery.

The Koleos Signature is powered by a 2.5-litre 4 cylinder petrol engine which is coupled to a X-Tronic CVT automatic transmission powering the front wheels. This powertrain setup delivers a maximum power of 171 PS and peak torque of 226Nm. 

The Renault Koleos model is part of Renault’s premium range. Its purpose is to meet the demands of exacting customers on every continent and it is basically designed as a global model for Renault. It was designed from the outright to deliver a blend of robust SUV design cues which is slowly gaining ground in all markets globally. It combines rugged assertive styling of a 4 X 4 with the refinement and comfort associated with large saloon cars, which makes it very popular in terms of image and the lifestyle is purportedly brings. Even local distributors TC EC also believe the SUV trend will continue to grow in the coming years, which is why the Koleos is our flagship model and a vital component of our line-up here in Malaysia.

The Koleos Signature will be on display at Renault showrooms throughout Malaysia and it will be also on display as part of Renault’s showcase at the upcoming Malaysia Autoshow 2018, which takes place from 26 to 29 April 2018. 

Speaking of the Autoshow, it could be one of the largest to date and could be a super interesting date in this year's automotive calendar.

Click here for our test drive of the Renault Koleos 2WD if you want an impression on how it feels on the road. The Koleos Signature is basically the same vehicle with more features.

The Renault Koleos Design Brief 

The Koleos SUV capability is evident in its powerful and athletic exterior lines, large 18-inch alloy wheels, elevated driving position of 150mm over a traditional sedan that is highly prized by SUV buyers, tall and wide dashboard that exudes a sense of safety and protection, high ground clearance as well as wide approach and departure angles of the doors which count among the widest in the its segment (70 degrees at the front and 77 degrees for the rear doors).

Painstaking attention to cabin appointments and materials selected for the quality they exude ensure that the Renault Koleos delivers high standard of travelling comfort for drivers and passengers. Key highlights include:
  • Generous interior space with one of the longest wheelbases in its class
  • Front seats that are among the segment’s biggest and most comfortable
  • Among the best-in-class space for rear passengers with knee room of 289mm as well as generous head room, shoulder room and elbow room
  • 542-litre boot that features a clever removable floor positioned at the same height as the boot, which forms a flat floor
  • The Easy Break system, with handles conveniently located in the boot, which allows the 60/40-split rear bench seat to be folded in an instant, freeing up a total carrying capacity of 1690 litres
  • Thirty-five litres of additional storage around the cabin of the Renault Koleos, including an 11-litre glove box and a seven-litre cubbyhole in the center console
  • Use of attractive, scratch-resistant materials such as a stylish satin-finish chrome for the steering wheel inserts as well as gear lever and air vent inserts
  • The center console is covered by a protective film that is hardy and pleasing to the touch
  • The cushion-backed materials selected for the dashboard and door panels also contribute to the cabin’s restful ambiance
  • Travelling comfort is further enhanced by customisable LED cabin lighting, with a palette of hues ranging from green, to blue, yellow red or violet, depending on the mood of the driver and passengers.
Uncompromising safety standards

The Koleos benefits from Renault’s vast experience in the realm of passive safety. It has passed the new protocol of 2016 Euro NCAP tests with excellent scores of 90 percent for adult occupant protection, 70 percent for children, 62 percent for pedestrians and 75 percent for safety assist.

As with the 2WD and 4WD variants, the Koleos Signature is equally equipped with multiple passive and active safety features including:
  • The use of very high elastic limit steel for the engine frame and high-strength steel for the passenger safety cell to protect the cabin in the case of a major impact.
  • Two adaptive front airbags that inflate according to the type of impact and the occupant’s position in the car
  • Two lateral thorax/shoulder airbags for the front occupants
  • Two curtain airbags
  • Anti-whiplash front and rear head rests
  • Anti-submarining front seats
  • Rear ISOFIX anchorage for i-Size child seats
  • All the seat belts are equipped with pretensioners and load limiters
  • Blind spot warning system
  • Latest-generation Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) with Traction Control
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Hill Start Assist (HAS)
  • Rear view camera
  • Front, rear and side parking sensors 
Enhanced connectivity and convenience

In addition to the new compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto app, the Koleos Signature comes with a full kit of standard equipment for exceptional connectivity and convenience through the R-LINK 2 multimedia system. This connected tablet can be found across the brand’s high-end range and coordinates the majority of the vehicle’s functions such as infotainment, navigation, hands-free telephony, radio and driver aids thanks to the following features:
  • An 8.7-inch portrait screen format, seamlessly integrated into the dashboard design
  • Same capacitive touchscreen functions as personal tablet (two-finger zoom, page scrolling, etc.)
  • Realistic navigation display with 3D representation of buildings
  • Connectivity and charging options include Bluetooth® for hands-free use of a telephone and audio streaming, a USB port, a 3.5mm jack socket, a 12V power supply and an SD card slot
  • Voice recognition for telephone use
  • Four customisable homepages with widgets for swift access to the most frequently employed functions
Working in tandem with the R-LINK 2 tablet, key driving data such as speed, engine speed, fuel consumption and navigation instructions is displayed on a customisable seven-inch colour TFT screen situated behind the steering wheel, in the driver’s line of sight.

Like all Renault mainstream vehicles, the Koleos comes with a five-year full manufacturer’s warranty with unlimited mileage. This warranty is fully backed by Renault and not undertaken by any other insurance companies, which means terms and conditions as well as parts covered are consistent from the first year of ownership to the end of the warranty period.

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