Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Petronas FM Drive 2018 Held At Shaziman Transport SB - Featuring Scania Malaysia's Safety and Sustainability in Transport Solutions, Especially Their Trucks in Truck Trains

The PETRONAS Fleet Management Drive (FM Drive) 2018 was held recently and Scania Malaysia was there as an exhibitor. The annual competition is a truck driving competition which promotes safe driving within participating PETRONAS transport providers, especially their road tanker drivers and hauliers.

The FM Drive competition is PETRONAS’ commitment to safety in its daily transportation of petroleum products which sees its road tanker drivers cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres daily to deliver its products. The tanker driver skills competition is where drivers can gauge their performance as they undergo a series of challenges that had tested their ability to perform tricky manoeuvers within a specified time while promoting a culture of safety and the opportunity to network amongst themselves.

Scania had exhibited their latest G-Series truck in display together with their vision for the future of transportation. There was a semi-autonomous platooning display and the entire range of Scania services such as its Fleet Management System, Scania Driver Training and Scania Driver Coaching.

This year’s competition was organised by Shaziman Transport Sdn Bhd, which operates a predominantly Scania fleet at its centre. It is the only logistics provider in Malaysia to utilise the Scania B-Double or B-Train style Tankers which is claimed to deliver better fuel economy of up to 6% with its aerodynamic design for optimum fuel economy and faster delivery. These are basically truck trains, where two or more trailers are linked together by a fifth wheel coupling. This is seldom used here but it is widely used in Australia where one truck is optimised to pull or carry more load than a single trailer. 
Image: Shaziman Transport

Shaziman Transport currently has three Scania R 500 V8 B-Doubles and a Scania Streamline G 460 B-Double in its fleet which includes 175 Scania trucks. This makes Shaziman have one of the coolest Scania trucks our there and one of the first few adopters of truck trains here in Malaysia. 

Service Director for Scania Southeast Asia, Thor Brenden said that "We are proud to see that our long-time customer Shaziman Transport continues to use a Scania in this competition and in real operations. This drives us to continue to provide sustainable transport solutions for our customers’ best profitability.” 

It is good to see Malaysian transport companies push ahead in terms of road safety and innovative means of transport.

 Thor Brendan, Services Director, Scania SEA presenting a memento to Dato’ Mohd Ibrahimnuddin Yunos, CEO of Petronas Dagangan Berhad who officiated the Petronas FM Drive 2018

The truck train chart shows what ultimately can be done in terms of linking trailers - All are used for transporting cargo in Australia (if you have the chance and are an avid truck spotter, Australia's the place for you!)
By Sted904 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11072126

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