Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to choose a car like you're James Bond......

Mr Bond, I've been expecting you.” I think this must be one of the most remembered line from the movies. The other would be “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” But that is another matter as right now I just want to share with you how you should choose cars according to rules laid down by the everyone's favourite super spy, James Bond.

The cars have to have a certain criteria. Firstly, if you go by the fact that he's working in an agency (MI6) the car would be a company vehicle. But as we all know the agency he works for does espionage as its core business, the vehicles are a means to an end; i.e. a form of transport for travel, to tail a suspect, to escape from enemies and to seduce women (if the opportunity comes). So, while an Aston Martin is what is usually issued by Q branch when good ol' James goes on assignment it isn't always the car he uses. In some cases where he has to fly somewhere on short notice or where there isn't an MI6 office to procure an agency car from he has to make do with rentals. Notice that in Casino Royale he drives a Ford Mondeo and in Quantum of Solace he makes do with a Volvo S40 and some 4x4s too in a few Roger Moore movies. So the rules for cars used by James Bond would be as follows:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A recap on the soon to be outgoing BMW E60 5 Series

Hello readers. I had recently tested a friend's 530i recently and have posted the article on Have a read. In the mentime, here is a summary of the car which I didn't post on that site.

The Driving part especially with traction control disabled. Very balanced when you do so. Very grippy chassis. The only thing is that those who have graduated from Front Wheel Drive may get into an accident. In fact recently a family was killed on the orth-South Highway in a 5series. Rear Wheel Drive requires a different set of rules when driving at the limit. Namely, do not fully lift off the throttle in mid corner or else....

  • Rubbish Run flat tires that are hard but made no contribution to handling. So much better on normal tires.
  • The I(diotic) Drive is what it is. Really user unfriendly.
  • Interior isn't as good as a Mercedes or an Audi. But I wouldn't care if I'm driving it.
Now we get a photo of the rear underside of the 5series (together with the head of a tireshop assistant who looks like Elvis in the 1970s - albeit a Chinese version). This photo is something for you readers here. I have to state that the whole floorpan of the 5 series is quite flat and I think this contributes to the high speed stability of the car. Look to the right of the pic and you can see claddings beside the middle muffler. This is not in the article. Something special for you readers here.

Enjoy the article!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Those Porsche fans out there. Look what I've posted on Myautoblog

To those who think that Porsche are doing a great job in designing or those who think that Porsche have the laziest buncha designers in the world can go to my posting at on Porsche's designs.

See what you think about it. Feel free to give your comments (and brickbats) there. As in here in its my domain. Here I am King. I can say whatever I want. And its not a democracy in here. But hey, if you've read some of my posts there I still write what I feel like writing.

Oh yeah. Happy Chinese New Year to all!