Friday, July 10, 2009


Yup. PETRONAS is already selling RON95 at some of its stations ahead of its September inroduction and this has made me a slightly happy man. The one station that I know is selling that stuff is the one on the MRRII somewhere after Kepong on the way towards Jalan Kuching/Batu Caves. I'm already using the stuff and from my observation, it works perfectly fine in my Impreza 1.6TS. No hiccups of any sort.

It should, since the owner's manual states that the car is recommended to run on the said substance. Most new global spec cars can run on the stuff. In fact all new cars with Fuel Injection can run on the stuff. These new engines have sensors here and there can will tell the ECU to retard or advance its ignition timing according to the quality of petrol that is in the car's tank. Most cars can even run on RON92 without any problems but hey, some are basically too scared to try. As I've stated in a previous posting. If your car is not a highly tuned monster, it should safely run on the cheaper stuff. Anyways, its your loss if you don't try it.

How much savings do I get from running RON95 over 97 (RM1.80)? Over 40 liters I'd save a 'whopping' RM2.00. But I use about 60liters a week, so I'd save around RM3.00 per week using RON95. Now RM3.00 x 4 weeks is RM12.00. It may seem insignificant, but RM12.00 can go a long way at the local sundry shop or at TESCO. Or that RM12.00 can be put to good use by blowing it all on entertaining friends at a teh tarik stall. At the very least your friends will think that you're a generous ol' chap. And that's a good thing during times of recession.

p.s - I've recently driven a nice classic Mercedes Benz saloon, of 1974 vintage. An excellent year. I haven't fallen in love with it, but it was an interesting drive nonetheless. It will be reviewed in here soon.