Monday, February 28, 2011

Mazda MX-5 Kendo: A UK Special With a Name That Is As British As Chicken Tikka Masala

The Mazda MX-5 Roadster is Japanese, but everyone tells us it is the epitome of Affordable British Open Top Roadsters. Ergo it is the quintessential British Roadster and one that is fundamentally revered and loved by a whole multitude of individuals in the United Kingdom, hairdressers included.

However, one must add that the MX-5 Roadster isn't British in its origin. It is Japanese. It is ironic that a car built thousands of miles away from the heart of open top motoring truly captures the essence of what this form of motoring is all about. But Mazda UK wanted a 'special' to celebrate the MX-5's sales achievement and launched a 'special'. What is ironic is that they named it 'Kendo', after the Japanese art of swordsmanship.

This makes me wonder why they didn't make this Japanese roadster have a British name when commemorating its sales achievement in the UK, like the MX-5 cream, strawberry jam & scones edition, or the MX-5 fish & chips edition, the MX-5 Trafalgar Square or how about the MX-5 Churchill? All the examples given are very British aren't they? Definitely more British than 'Kendo'. But not as British as Chicken Tikka Masala - which was surprisingly found to be the most popular dish ordered at British restaurants. I suppose this revelation that a 50 year old recipe that originated from Punjab is a British favourite also makes the MX-5 truly British. Ah, the irony.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Novitec Rosso Pumps Up The Ferrari California and BMW Makes The X6 Into A 5 seater

Novitec Rosso brutalizes the Ferrari California. Ferrari cars need to be brutal and aggressive looking but the Ferrari California is a little feminine looking. Novitec Rosso's Race 606 Ferrari California tuning package somehow does this.

Click here to read about it; and

BMW adds a proper 3 seat bench at the rear of the X6 instead of individual rear seats. It does not make the BMW X6 into an MPV, but allows the X6 to carry three abreast instead of only two. But the question is, do BMW X6 owners have any friends to carry around?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let Me Answer Some of The Web Queries This Site is Getting.....Part II

It is almost March of 2011 and I believe that after some thought (less than 30 seconds worth) it is time for another round of answering some of the web queries this site is getting. And the basic rule of this question and answer session is simple: I will answer them like this previous posting (if you can't find the answer in this blog). But if the answer does not help you then please do not hesitate to ask someone else as this is done for free without a fee.

The first web query that intrigued me was this: “Old Proton Saga 1.5 R3

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.........hahahahahahahhahahahahaha.....Even R3 would stay the heck away from this car. The car was already a million years old when R3 was formed. Why humiliate themselves by actually working on such a car? Why do you hope so much that your heap of 1980s Mitsu is worth getting Proton's tuning arm which was set up a good 16 to 17 years after the car first came out (even if it was still in production at the time) when they had a 1990s Mitsubishi Colt (Proton Satria) to work on? 

Click here to find out what I think about an old Saga and if you read between the lines you'd know why R3 didn't come up with one.

I know. Reality bites, and it isn't my fault.

Next question: “Myvi is fast stock

Faster than what? A Ferrari F355 in a traffic jam? A killer whale that has been beached? A mosquito? It is faster than the 1985 Proton Saga 1.3 Orion engine that has never ever been overhauled and smoking like crazy while being driven by the Pakcik googling for the R3 Saga above.

Okay, on a serious note. It is pretty nippy in city traffic. It does 0-100km/h in about 13seconds (auto) and would easily keep up with traffic. It may lack the brakes and grip for really fast stuff but in town, it is nimble, hence decently quick on its feet. This is due to the fact that it weighs less than 1000kg (940-950kg) so it has decent power to weight ratio even with that 84bhp 1.3 engine.

And then you have this.....“Syphilis vs Teana

One is big, one is small...if you buy either one you're the loser. One is a venereal disease, one looks like the venereal disease but is larger. It is as bland as the other. Buy yourself a Mazda 6.

And lastly “What rims fit on a Wira SE?

22inch rims with 335/20 zr22 Advan Neova AD08.

But seriously, any rim with the PCD of a Hundred would fit it up to 17inches running 215/40/17 tires (don't use baloon tires – what's the point? You're on tarmac, not in a palm oil estate). But if the offset is wrong, then you will notice that the rear wheels scrub the wheel arches. And please do not get staggered rims for a Wira, it is Front Wheel Drive. You do not need to tell people that you need more grip at the rear by having that wider rear look. Your car is not Jlo and you don't need that wider rear end. 

There....I HAVE done a public service to you guys haven't I? 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Lotus Elise Club Racer Edition - More Added Lightness and Some Toyota News

More lightness to the Elise is very good. More space would be needed for fatter people (like yours truly) to be able to fit in one comfortably.

Click here to read about that piece of news

And for the Elise's engine maker, Toyota, good news. It seems that they have been cleared of the wrongful acceleration fiasco by the US Government. Americans have big feet and their carpet mats must be badly designed. Or their feet are badly designed.Or ..............IT'S A DARN CONSPIRACY AGAINST TOYOTA I TELL YA!!!!  Go figure it out here. Both articles over at

Monday, February 21, 2011

Driving The Best Car In The World, Circa 1992 - Mercedes Benz W140 S-Class

I drove a barge of a Mercedes Benz the other day and it was utterly relaxing, even after half a day of Kuala Lumpur traffic. But whatever you do, do not, I repeat use it to enter small lanes and where everyone double parks. It can be such a pain the the arse. Purely meant for hotel lobbies and for drivers to worry about navigating through tight spots. B-roads in this would be unbecoming as manhandling a barge or an elephant could lead to disastrous results.

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Mansory Does The Evora With Lotus' Blessing....Why?

Why?????? Why go to a tuner that over-Blings everything it touches? Of course the Mansory Evora isn't that bling....but couldn't they do it in-house?

Click here to read about what I think.

Friday, February 18, 2011

An Editorial By Yours Truly About Tesla's Withdrawl From Singapore

Click here to read about what I think about Tesla's pulling out of Singapore before even selling a single car.

But if you want a summary.....It's GOOD RIDDANCE.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Test Video Feed (With The Wrong Equipment)

Motoring-Malaysia may be going video posting soon.... IF I can get the right equipment soon....One with a wide angle lens. But for now, were's a short clip (or two for your viewing pleasure). Mr. Zairul....the first one's your favourite stretch of highway interchange - Hartamas - Duta -DUKE.

Second vid is my favourite stretch of B-road - Jalan Gombak to Genting Sempah.

Set your speakers up high shall we say...more feel?

Actually...I just felt like taking a drive recently. The videos were a by-product.
UPDATE: I've uploaded one of the vids to Youtube at  : Somehow the quality is better over there.

Peugeot 308 Gets A New Nose and Hamann Tunes The F10 5 Series M Sport

The 308 will be facelifted soon. The new nose is slimmer in looks and it loses some of its mouth size. It should. The current nose is so happy and toothy that it makes a basking shark seem tame. Compare this with the current Pug 308 and you'll know what I mean.

Click here to read about it.

HAMANN shoves in its bodykit on the BMW 5 Series M Sport and I do a little rhyme about it.

Click here to read about that.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Supposed Hairdresser's Favourite Gets Driven: Mazda MX-5 Roadster

Yes. In my opinion it still is one of the most sprightly traditional open top coupes around. Some may say that it lacks the feel of the 1st and 2nd generation models. Maybe so, but compare it with any other car in the same category or price range it is so much better. Slightly grown up and I believe it is for the better.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Last November ......

.......I drove over 200km or from KL to Pengkalan Pegoh, Ipoh (remember this place readers - it is one of the last traditional kampung settlement right smack in Ipoh City) in this...
.it was epic. My hands got tired waving at people who constantly waved at me. Then it rained...things got even more awsome...Driving a 1950s ragtop in a tropical storm halfway to Ipoh......I repeat..IT WAS EPIC.

..and drove this...

from Ipoh to KL. A nicely sorted out Mini 1275GT. The fastest Mini you could buy in the mid-Seventies (That's 1970s to you young ones). Ignore the red car in the foreground people...nothing to see here...move along folks...move along.

I also drove this....
It was more like piloting it as it wafts slowly down a kampung road. Truly the best way to travel. Even today.

And lastly, this crazy original LHD milspec Willys Jeep (export spec with a 2.5liter 4 cylinder engine) that was filled up with avgas (aviation gas)

.... A real beast to drive...sputtering...sputtering....then Powahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Without doors, windows, roof, proper seats, seatbelts (hey, its authentic milspec - like those you see in vietnam, korean war movies!!!!)...oh key, just a kill switch and a starter buttom and 24v battery system. The only registered one in Malaysia. It may not have a bazillion horsepower, but without anything resembling safety equipment feel extremely mortal after driving it.

I was chuffed to bits last November. I mean who wouldn't be after all of this?

I will get about and write about all of these stupendous drives and rides...but I have been extremely busy with life.... So it's going to take awhile. Do bear with me...and enjoy the ride as I often cook up something in between writing about drives mentioned above.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Fun Around Muar During the Chinese New Year

The back roads around Muar are fabulous for imitating a WRC type jump. With all those small canals everywhere, there is a small bridge or hump as it crosses these little 'taliair' or canals. A car with long suspension travel, a high ceiling so that your head does not hit the roof or a proper set of racing type harness is all that's necessary. You do not need to go really fast....anything around 100-110km/h and you're airborne so the Myvi I happened to be driving was more than adequate. A Mastercard moment, or about 20 or so moments as I happened to criss cross the whole area running errands and what nots.

Click Here to read partly about it and about the food over there.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pagani Unveils A New Car, Fiat Rebadges An American Car and Edo Competition Adds More Ugg To The Panamera

Happy Chinese New Year! We have the Huayra.... Huayara? Hiawatta? Huckleberry? Whatever it is we have a  Zonda replacement that does not look that good and a name that isn't as epic. Click here to read about it.

We also have some rebadging. Just like Proton doing an exercise with a Mitsu, we have Fiat doing it to a Chrysler MPV...Now Italian MPVs arent Italian...hence the lack of flair. You can click here to read about it if you're interested in more badge engineering or if you're one of those sad individuals who somehow like MPVs.

Lastly, we have Edo Competition adding a touch of ugly to an already opinion dividing sports sedan. Click here to read about it.