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Motoring-malaysia.blogspot.my won Best Auto Blog in the Malaysia Social Media Awards 2014

We are also on Feedspot.com list of top auto blogs

We are also PR Newswire's Online News Partner 

We are also on Part Catalog's 70 Best Auto Blogs to follow!

We are now an award winning website and are darn proud of it.

Motoring-malaysia.blogspot.com is where we rant about motoring and cars in general. We're blunt on describing what we feel about a certain car and we're not shy in telling what we feel about it. We believe in our freedom to make judgment on a certain automotive product based on what we believe, namely how the darn thing drives. If we believe the thing drives well for its class and category of transport, we will tell you it does. If it drives or feels like dog poo, we'll tell you it does feel like doggy poo. No buts about it. 

We do a lot of original features instead of just the news most of the time as you can get the usual news bits everywhere else. A lot of stuff are written with an opinion of some sort.

So if you do not agree about what we say about a certain car or vehicle it could only mean that you bought one of those vehicles, your wife bought one of those vehicles, your family member, your dentist or that you're selling the darn vehicle or working for the company that manufactured the turd of a vehicle. Hence the heartache.

Anyway, we get on average 30,000- 50,000 page views from about 12,000 unique visitors (and climbing) per month on average according to Google Analytics (as at May 2016). This means that we do reach out to a bunch of people who like our honest and independent reviews about cars and transport in general.

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We drive lorries.

Motoring-malaysia.blogspot.com / .my was created and founded by Mohamed Rigval Reza -  
Rigval wrote for many online publications ranging from Carthrottle.com in the UK, Myautoblog.org & SGcarmart.com in Singapore as well as ghostwriting for various automotive websites around the world.  

He has driven almost anything on four wheels and more - from ATVs, classic cars from the 1950s, eighteen wheeler trucks and trailers, buses, luxury cars, coupes and other stuff too.

The motoring-malaysia.com domain also belongs to us but we choose to maintain all postings here over at blogger.

We drive buses.....

....We also drive nice cars like this Jaguar XJL here

...and we also drive some classics too

We're mainly in and around the Klang Valley area in sunny, sometimes rainy Malaysia.


Aaron @ SG said...

I stumbled into your website when I was googling on something... man... wonder why didn't I managed to do so much much earlier...

One sentence : Your site rocks... I actually spent the whole morning reading your site, and I better get back to work now before I over doze on car news.

Rigval Reza said...

Thanks for visiting. We try our best you know. Really. No joke.

Do come back for more...stuff.

Unknown said...

I didnt know such blog exist...btw cool blog over there.

I am Local Female Motoring Blogger :)

Rigval Reza said...


Thank you for visiting. And why do you say that such a blog exists? The brutal point of views? Well, someone's gotta do it. Freebies are good, but some details about motoring, cars, etc need to be shared.


Lokman Mohd Noor said...

Hi Mohd Reza, am in need for my 2006 1.3 MYVI, the steel braided host only, if you could contact me,Asap, at 012-4224169 Lokman n give me your address n contact number, I'll be there in a jiff,will find it on WAZE, if possible this evening, or b4 Jumaat today, appreciate it alot, tks

Rigval Reza said...

Hello Lokman

I do not sell the products. What made you think I sell stuff in here? Every product you see in here has been bought by me or stated otherwise.But No endorsements of any sort are given unless the products actually perform well. If they are good, I say they are good. If they are bad..they are bad. But I do not sell stuff here.

Google up Mr Tee of Skyt Multi Dynamics, paramount garden and you can find stuff there


Anonymous said...

win what award?