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We are also on list of top auto blogs! - As at 31st August 2019, we are in the Top 100 Best Auto Blog on Feedspot No. #93!!!

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Yes, yes, yes. You CAN advertise on this award winning auto blog! 

We've been around since 2006 and we've constantly talked about cars as well as other forms of transport (from time to time) and the experience you get driving them. We are a little different in the sense that we are enthusiasts whose main aim is to tell it is without the fluff and the fanfare. 

We get over 50,000 page views monthly (May-June 2016 according to Google's Blogger stats) from about 11,000 unique visitors (and climbing) per month according to Google Analytics (as at Jan 2016). This means that we do reach out to a bunch of people who like our honest and independent reviews about cars and transport in general. 

IF you wish to do a statistic search via web analytics - search or .my for a more clearer picture. You could use, but since Google redirects to the .my here in Malaysia (and .nl, .jp and more if you're elsewhere), it is better this way. 

Another reason why you SHOULD pay attention to Motoring Malaysia is that it is handled by its founder directly, surprisingly the exposure of the website goes hand in hand with his Google+ account where most of the postings and articles are shared. Since he started utilizing Google+ since late 2013, his profile and content/articles posted has seen over 17 million views as at February 2016. We get views on a global level folks. This is the latest profile/post views, early November 2016. Over 28,000,000 profile and content views approximately.

September 2016 (above) & 15th November 2016 (Below)
Did we tell you that we won something back in 2014? Best Auto Blog at the Malaysian Social Media Awards for that year. We are one of the few who have been recognised with this award ( was one of them FYI)

We've accepted ad campaigns from websites, companies and PR / advertising agencies with products ranging from automobile insurance, trucks, automobile financing and other automobile related stuff.

So if you're interested in advertising here. Contact us by heading over to our contact page. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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