Thursday, March 01, 2018

BMW Oil Inclusive Programme Is Now Possible Using Maybank Instalment Plan.

The BMW Oil Inclusive Programme, an industry first offering from BMW Group Malaysia, is now available for all BMW vehicles with the Maybank Instalment plan. Maybank cardholders can now enjoy 6 to 12 months repayment period through the bank's Ezypay method, with a minimum spend of RM 500.00. This allows another means of access or financing  into the BMW Oil Inclusive Programme since its introduction last August.

This programme is catered for BMW vehicles without any active package with BMW or out of BMW Warranty and Service Package, this vehicle service interval is Condition Based Service with an average of 10,000km service interval, which could differ by vehicle manufacturing date and user’s driving behaviour.

The instalment plan is actually available for all aftersales transactions from BMW Group Malaysia. This includes Vehicle Service, Extension of Warranty and Service Packages, Repair, Body and Paint, Parts and
Accessory, and Lifestyle items aside from the BMW Oil Inclusive Programme mentioned above.

Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said, “We at BMW Group Malaysia are always in an ongoing pursuit of ways to enhance the sheer pleasure of a BMW ownership experience by providing quality initiatives. With this new offer, our goal is to affirm our initial sentiments for owners to enjoy their cars and peace of mind ownership experience even after the original service period.”

According to Mr. Stefan Sloboda, Head of Aftersales, BMW Malaysia, “The plan with Maybank will allow more BMW customers to enjoy the freedom of further enjoying their premium ownership experience with their BMW vehicles.”

The BMW Oil Inclusive Programme allows BMW owners to extend the service for their vehicles within a set number of years or mileage period at a competitive price, with a choice of 5 Years / 60,000km or 5 Years / 100,000km. The all important price factor is the main selling point of this package as the marque is aware that customer benefits as well as the importance of customer retention comes to mind.

BMW Group Malaysia's example of how the oil inclusive programme works is like this. Let's take for instance a  BMW 1 Series registered in 2013 would now be out of its service and warranty programme with its current mileage of 70,000km. If the owner decides to acquirethe 5 Years / 100,000km Oil Inclusive Programme in 2018, right after the warranty programme, it will allow the owner to continue the 'Free Scheduled Service' programme for his BMW 1 Series until year 2023 or 170,000km, whichever comes first. 

The things one should note is that the owner would still have the car serviced at an authorised service centre and that there should be some peace of mind when doing so. Especially if the owner is already familiar with the authorised service centre.

The approximate cost per service is listed below. This is according to the vehicle models respectively*, calculated based on average vehicle service interval of 10,000km, which could differ by vehicle manufacturing date and user’s driving behaviour. Two types, both 5 years but with different mileage.

Time / Mileage (years - km)                             5 years / 60,000 km   OR 5 years / 100,000km

BMW 1 & BMW 2 Series RM 494          RM 342
BMW M2                                RM 812          RM 548
BMW 3 & BMW 4 Series RM 519          RM 362
BMW M3 & BMW M4      RM 812          RM 548
BMW 5 Series                        RM 544          RM 377
BMW M5                                RM 1097        RM 744
BMW 6 & BMW 7 Series RM 645          RM 447
BMW M6                                RM 1097        RM 744
BMW X1                                 RM 503         RM 347
BMW X3 & BMW X4       RM 519          RM 362
BMW X5 & BMW X6       RM 595          RM 412
BMW X5M & BMW X6M  RM 1080        RM 734
BMW Z4                                 RM 511         RM 352
BMW I8                                  RM 503          RM 347

With the BMW Oil Inclusive Programme, owners can enjoy a fixed price oil service change for the next 5 years with peace of mind as trained BMW Certified Technicians will attend to their vehicles with the latest know-how, technology, and equipment. The BMW Oil Inclusive Programme includes BMW Genuine Oil (Fully Synthetic), BMW Oil Filter, and labour. 

From the looks of it, the prices are pretty good actually. Very competitive especially for a premium marque like BMW.

Do get in touch or visit your preferred BMW Authorised Dealership today.
* Prices shown are retail prices inclusive of 6% GST.
* Prices shown are valid as of time of publish.
* BMW Malaysia reserves the right to change the above prices without any prior

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