Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Door Unveiled - It Sets The Stage For The 4 Door Coupe Fight

The Porsche Panamera fighter. This is what some are calling the newly unveiled Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Door Coupe which was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva International Motorshow. Taking what Mercedes-Benz first started off with the original CLS 4 Door coupe, the German marge has now upped the game, letting Mercedes-AMG take the fight to another level.

The GT 4 Door will get a 3.0liter Straight 6 'the AMG 53 series' and 4.0liter V8 '63 series' engined variants with power output ranging from 435 HP to 470 639 HP. The V8 biturbo version will be allowed to hit a maximum speed of 315 km/h so the thrills go on and on. It will have 4MATIC+ fully variable four-wheel drive for all variants and a rear-wheel drive mode that comes as standard with the V8 variant which should also come with a lot of V8 rumble. It's an AMG, it should rumble. 

As for its styling, you get a mix of the AMG GT Coupe coupled with the rear of a Mercedes-Benz CLS series car with aggressive tweaks. There are some similarity with the cars that it is intended to compete - the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A7 series, especially from the rear three quarters and overall silhouette but as a whole, the car has come out quite nicely. Some angles, like the front three quarter make the car take some classic cues of the original Mercedes-Benz CLS with its swooping rear quarters.

The interior seems nice enough. What we've seen in the E-Class and the newly launched A-Class is here (with E-Class above quality of materials used of course). There is the double screen instrument/infotainment display up front and the latest styling cues like the quadruple air vents in the center. The car really looks properly good in terms of 'wow' factor. 

This is an interesting car in my opinion. One of the few truly interesting cars that have been revealed at Geneva. Another one seems to be by Toyota in guise of a Gazoo racing Supra. Memories do come flooding back there. There are more! It's Geneva, everyone launches something great there!!!

This one is basically another chapter in the Mercedes-AMG saga. This will now complement the AMG lineup where it will be sold beside the AMG GT Coupe. It should do well in markets where four seat practicality seems to be Malaysia. I Expect it to be officially sold here as one of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's Dream Car line up.


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