Friday, January 30, 2015

McLaren will debut another stunner at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

McLaren will debut another car at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show together with the much awaited production-intent McLaren P1™ GTR. It will be a long tail variant and is actually a competition car that will be competiting in the McLaren Super Series.

The name is based on the McLaren F1 Longtail race variant from 1997. I remember reading a magazine about that car and it was a stunning piece of work. Of course, I was just a greenhorn and just started being a  lowly paid corporate slave, er, paper pusher. 

  • LT model designation – standing for ‘Longtail’ – to join exisitng C and S range hierarchy
  • LT to be the lightest, the quickest, and the purest version in the range
  •  Introduced by the 675LT which joins 650S and Asia-only 625C in the newly named McLaren Super Series
  • Global premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015 alongside the production-intent McLaren P1™ GTR
  • Modern day interpretation of the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’– the evolution of a true world-beater
McLaren will look to its heritage when it revives the legendary ‘Longtail’ name given to one of the purest GT sportscars of all time, the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’, for the launch of the new McLaren 675LT at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. This road legal supercar will embody the ‘Longtail’ ethos with a focus on performance optimised aerodynamics, increased downforce, driver engagement, power and reduced weight.
The 675LT will join the core range of McLaren supercars alongside the existing 650S and Asia-only 625C to form the newly named McLaren Super Series which sits above the recently announced Sports Series in the range hierarchy.  In line with the convention begun with the 650S, the number 675 denotes the power produced by the 675LT’s engine in PS – the output equating to a devilish 666bhp.  This figure makes the 675LT the most powerful offering in the Super Series.  It will be offered in coupĂ© bodystyle only when deliveries start later this year.
The iconic Longtail name made its debut during the 1997 season of sportscar racing, and saw a legendary model from McLaren on the grids around the world evolve into the most efficient race-focused version seen to-date. Rather than rest on the laurels of the highly-successful examples from the previous two seasons, which included a win on its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995, McLaren moved the benchmark on further – an approach that echoes through the company to this very day. Formula 1™ knowledge and experience, and the know-how gained from the pinnacle of the sport created the purest version of a true world-beater.

The distinctive stretched silhouette of the McLaren F1 GTR became known during the season as the ‘Longtail’. The nickname stuck, and the model demonstrated the ultimate example of one of motorsport’s most successful GT cars.

More details of the 675LT, including its startling performance figures, will be announced in the weeks running up to the Geneva Show.  

About McLaren Automotive:
McLaren Automotive is a British manufacturer of luxury, high-performance sports cars, located at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Woking, Surrey.
Following the company’s global launch in 2010, McLaren Automotive launched the groundbreaking 12C and 12C Spider and followed this in 2013 with the limited-run McLaren P1™. In keeping with its plan to introduce a new model each year, the company recently unveiled the 650S Coupe and 650S Spider. The brand continues to expand, operating through a dedicated global network of retailers in every major automotive market.

McLaren Automotive Partners
To support the development, engineering and manufacture of its range of innovative and highly acclaimed sports cars, McLaren Automotive has partnered with world leading companies to provide specialist expertise and technology.  These include Akebono, AkzoNobel, ExxonMobil, Pirelli, SAP and TAG Heuer.

Designed for the track; Developed for the road
The connection between Formula 1 and road cars at McLaren is a natural process of experience, knowledge, principles and process transfer. Through the integration of 50 years of Formula 1™ racing expertise and knowledge, and over 20 years of heritage in producing landmark sports cars, McLaren Automotive designs, develops and builds a range of technologically advanced and groundbreaking high performance sports cars which are designed to be a no compromise drive on both road and track.
McLaren has pioneered the use of carbon fibre in vehicle production over the past 30 years, and since introducing a carbon chassis into racing and road cars with the 1981 McLaren MP4/1 and 1993 McLaren F1 respectively, McLaren has not built a car without a carbon fibre chassis.
Visit for more details.

Someone lucky wins a new Volkswagen Scirocco in Malaysia recently

Volkswagen Malaysia are quite generous. They just gave away a Volkswagen Scirocco to one of its customer very recently. The winner, Mr Loo Kuok Tung from Subang Jaya, drove home his grand prize – a brand-new Volkswagen Scirocco.

Volkswagen ‘Give Me 5’ contest, was  held between 9th to 31st October of 2014 and was open to Volkswagen Malaysia customers. Congrats to the Golf Mk6 owner.

Automotive news: Nippon Paint unveils 40 new colours for automotive use

Mr. Ong Eng Keong, Assistant General Manager-Group Technical Sales Dept. 
Industrial Use and Mr. Alex Yoong, Assistant General Manager-Marketing of Nippon 
Paint Malaysia with the Just Me automotive colour display

Now the automotive industry isn't all about driving and testing vehicles all the time. As you guys know there are support industries all over the place. From car service centres, automotive tint film, oils, chemicals, tyres and other stuff. This makes the industry go round. And there is also paint. Nippon Paint has decided to unveil 40 new supporting colours for the automotive market.

Truck News: Volvo Launches Fast Track Service to Enhance Customer Ownership Experience

Good news. If you run and operate Volvo Trucks in and around Shah Alam.........

Volvo Trucks Malaysia (Volvo) has enchanced its customer service with the launch of Fast Track Service facility at its flagship Shah Alam dealership. The express service is designed to increase efficiency for its customers by enabling quicker turnaround in truck repair. This latest move by the global commercial vehicle manufacturer follows a string of dealership expansions and refurbishments under the company’s network development strategy aimed at amplifying customer benefits and expanding the value and experience of truck ownership for its customers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Austere Luxury. Something We Don't Get To Have Anymore

I recently came from a test drive of the all-new Hyundai Sonata sometime ago and I was quite impressed with what the car had and what it had to offer its driver and passengers. It had all the bells and whistles. It had Navigation from a Papago based system as well as Waze installed into its ANDROID based infotainment unit. Being an ANDROID based system with cellular data hooked onto it meant that it had normal radio as well as internet based entertainment and software like Spotify for your to listen to your favourite songs. Aside from music, navigation and a whole lot more entertainment, the Sonata came equipped with lots of creature comforts like power windows, electrically adjustable seats, rain sensing wipers, auto lights and a whole lot more. The only thing left for us to do is drive them to where we want to go and when you did that, you would be entertained. And all of this in a mid-priced full sized sedan. Not top of the line luxury brand mind you, just something mid-sized family 


McLaren have been pretty quiet on the Malaysian front in my opinion. I have been frequenting the usual watering holes around Bangsar and Sri Hartamas over the past year where the usual Ferrari and Porsche cars are spotted. I have only seen two recently. One belongs to someone who I know bought prior to the official McLaren presence in Malaysia and another, which may have been an official McLaren Kuala Lumpur sold car. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Honda City SX8 into a Honda Impreza from years ago. Malaysia Boleh.

Now speaking about Subaru Impreza GD series (here called V7/8/9) clones, I have to say that the first generation  ASEAN only Honda City SX8 (not counting the two earlier Japan based ones) I saw five or six years ago is the best that I have seen so far. The Saga BLM, Waja clones aren't as good as this. Of course, there were those who bought the Hyundai Accent with the locally made RXS (stupidly using same logo and font for its badge as a Yamaha RXS motorcycle sold years earlier in Malaysia) and rebadged it as a Subaru.

This 'Honda City was only sold in South East Asia and is based on the then recently discontinued Honda Civic EF chassis. That chassis was actually quite good and even though the City came with a SOHC VTEC 1.5liter engine, it could handle the hotter Twin Cam 1.6liter VTEC used in the hotter SiR EF Civics easily. So those days we had some of these Cities with at least 160hp instead of 102hp.

NISMO Almera - In this case, NISMO means (Nis)san, for (M)alaysia (O)nly.

Today, lets take a look at a popular B segment car that has supposedly been tuned by the performance arm of its manufacturer, the Nissan Almera Tuned by NISMO. I looked up the internet to check whether such a car existed over in Japan, Hong Kong and also Singapore. I found out they called the Almera the Latio in Japan, the Sunny in Hong Kong and Almera in Singapore too.

I also found out over at the NISMO website that NISMO does not actually officially sell a bodykit current model NISMO Latio/ Almera sedan over there. Nor is there such a complete NISMO tuned Latio or NISMO Sunny or NISMO Almera for Singapore. If you are telling me that it is sold in other markets other than this well, if it isn't actually sold in Japan, how relevant is your argument compared to mine then?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A short post for today - Similar but not the same?

A few days ago I was driving along LDP in the heavy traffic I saw this creeping up on my left side and then was driving right beside me. 

I was driving my trusty white car that day.

So I thought he was driving the same type of car as he was and I turned my head towards the car, smiling at the driver acknowledging "that we were driving the same brand of car". But he refused to turn his head towards me at all even though my car was actually pacing his car for a good 250 meters or so at about 25kmh due to the traffic.

I wonder why. Maybe he did not see me?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Truck News: Volvo Trucks Opens Newly Upgraded Dealership in Sibu & a bit on the Volvo FM for logging

(L to R) Lim Hock Choon, Dealer Manager, Volvo Sibu and Bintulu
Dato N’gieng Ping Wei, CM Global 
 Mats Nilsson, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia
Alex Yong, General Manager, East Malaysia, Volvo Malaysia

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has officially opened its newly refurbished and enhanced dealership in Sibu, Sarawak last weekend.  As such, Volvo Trucks now offer more complete transport solutions to its customers over there. The Sarawak market isn't necessarily small as Sibu itself is currently the second highest revenue collector after the central region of Peninsular Malaysia in terms of parts sale for them.

The Volvo Trcuks dealership is situated at a strategic location along the main transport flow and the Rejang river barge. The facility also boasts a complete Volvo customer experience as driver waiting lounge, free wireless internet access, reading materials and complimentary beverages are all part of the company’s complete offering of aftermarket experience. 

Facelifted Perodua Myvi launched - Some bits and thoughts about it.

Perodua has facelifted Malaysia's most popular car, the Perodua Myvi for 2015. And in my opinion its going to keep selling by the bucketloads. I am not going to blurb much about the car in every tiny detail. That would be left to other websites and publications. I'll just touch on what I think are the good points and left you with that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


There is an Smartphone app by Tripda, a company that runs an online car pooling platform that connects car drivers and passengers heading the same way so that they can car pool together and save time and money (or allow car drivers to make money? IF they don't have a conscience I suppose). 

Anyway, Tripda Malaysia has linked up with university students who act as their ambassadors to advocate the benefits of car pooling. Do read the press release below for more info.

Press Release

TEST DRIVE: 2014 Ford Ecosport 1.5L Titanium

The Ford Ecosport is based on the current Ford Fiesta B2E platform and was originally launched in 2013. We got it last year and I got to drive it at the end of last year. I tested the Ford Ecosport 1.5L Titanium recently and this here is the long delayed review of the mini SUV.

The Ford Ecosport is Ford's global product. It is sold in is most continents and is specced and tuned with each market in mind. We Malaysians get the one built in Rayong, Thailand and gets a 110ps, 142Nm 1.5liter 4 cylinder petrol engine that is coupled with a 6 speed dual clutch gearbox. We don't get a manual option and it comes in front wheel drive only form too (there is a 2.0liter all-wheel drive variant elsewhere). This last note makes sense as it is marketed as an urban SUV and I doubt anyone who buys this Tonka toy cute little car to go off roading in it. Maybe some flash flood wading, but that's about it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Scania Driver Competitions 2014/2015 Malaysia-Singapore

Last December 2014 Scania launched the Scania Driver Competition 2014/2015 Malaysia-Singapore to find the best drivers from these two countries. If you happen to work driving Scania trucks or you happen to run a fleet of Scania trucks, I do not see the harm in any of you entering this competition. Details are in the press release below.

Scania G-series Truck

Press Release

Scania Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary of Scania Driver Competitions Around The World.

Honda Malaysia Previews the 2015 Honda HR-V - Ahead of its February launch

An All-New Honda HR-V will be hitting Malaysian shores in February 2015.  It is a subcompact crossover vehicle and is actually based on Honda's Global Compact Series, which includes the current Honda City and Honda Jazz. It is called the Honda Vezel over in Japan (pic below) and uses the HR-V moniker here. The HR-V was previously used in the 1998-2006 HR-V mini SUV.

Latest Revised Volkswagen Car Prices in Malaysia and CNY Sales Rebates

Prices for Volkswagen cars in Malaysia have risen due to the free falling Malaysian Ringgit. Last I looked it was way past 3.53 to the US Dollar. The only consolation is the cheap fuel pump prices we get these days. I have posted a chart below showing the latest prices. Note that even the entry level Polo 1.6 costs at least up to RM2,000 more. However, Volkswagen Group Malaysia have come up with its latest sales initiative,  something called the ‘Volkswagen Red Campaign’!. 

First post of 2015, ramblings, excuses for not writing and the Peugeot RCZ THP156 Automatic

Hello folks. Welcome to the first post of 2015. Yes, yes I have been busy doing nothing much in terms of writing over the past month or so. The reason being the recent school holidays and that I was just plain lazy. It takes a whole lot of effort on my part to actually sit down and type something out as you all would agree that thumb twiddling, latte drinking, shopping, meeting up with friends and other non-productive things to do are so much fun. And when you actually add the fact that keeping this website up to date does not actually pay me a whole bunch of Ringgit every month you can see why I have neglected posting anything over the last thirty days or so. So let's start 2015 with an introduction of why actually started in the first place.