Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Isuzu Malaysia Marks The Launch of The Newly Launched Isuzu GIGA Cement Mixer Truck With a Handover Ceremony to Hamzah Ibir Sdn Bhd

Isuzu Malaysia marked the local launch of their new Isuzu GIGA cement mixer truck recently with a small ceremony over on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The commercial vehicle manufacturer delivered two units of the newly launched Isuzu GIGA FXZ360 (Cement Mixer Truck), to Hamzah Ibir Sdn Bhd, a Terengganu-based construction company. The two specialised trucks were procured from Isuzu Malaysia authorised dealers Dynamic Motors Sdn Bhd, located in Kuantan, Pahang.

The Isuzu GIGA FXZ360 (Cement Mixer Truck) is powered by the 6UZ1-TCC six in-line cylinder, turbocharger and intercooler. It makes 360PS and a very impressive 1,422 Nm of torque which is channeled to the four rear wheels via a 9-speed ZF gearbox. It has a 6x4 drivetrain, meaning it is a three axle truck with the two front wheels used for steering and the two rear axles used to propel the truck forward (or in reverse). It is also has Isuzu'S ‘Flywheel PTO’ feature installed from Japan and has Isuzu's latest aerodynamics, ergonomics as well as being fully compliant with UNECE safety standards - Malaysia is one of the earliest countries in the South East Asian region to adopt a better safety standard related to commercial vehicles.

According to the Managing Director of Hamzah Ibir Sdn Bhd, Dato Haji Khaidir (seen here to the left of Koji Nakamura (中村 幸滋), Chief Executive Officer of Isuzu Malaysia), the launch of Isuzu's cement mixer truck is a good and timely move, in view of the rapid construction and development projects the company is currently undertaking. Dato Haji Khaidir also mentioned that the company chose Isuzu due to the brand’s well-known reliability and durability, aside from offering fuel-efficiency and excellent after-sales service. 

It would mean that this customer bought the truck for long term use and the service package as well as the usual costs per kilometer estimates are clearly important factors aside from the price. Specialty trucks like cement mixers usually cost more than the regular builds, so when you see purchases like this being made, you can tell that this is something projected beyond just the initial purchase price. Quality, warranty and long term reliability seems to be the factors here.

Isuzu Malaysia's Chief Executive Officer, Koji Nakamura also stated that the introduction of the new Isuzu GIGA Cement Mixer Truck is an important step for the company’s direction to offer business owners here a full range of commercial vehicle products to suit a variety of construction and development needs.

With this latest Isuzu GIGA variant, Isuzu Malaysia now offers a complete product line-up to meet the demand for commercial vehicles in all segments. This ranges  from the Isuzu ELF light-duty truck series, the Isuzu FORWARD's medium-duty truck series and Isuzu GIGA heavy-duty truck series.

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