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Perodua Launches The All-New Myvi - Most Affordable Compact With Active Safety Features [UPDATED with Product video & ASEAN NCAP crash test video]

The all-new Perodua Myvi has been finally launched. The teasing at the Malaysia Autoshow 2017 was short and sweet as it has now been displayed for everyone to see.

Most of you would already have read about it in.other websotes in detail so we shall give you folks a breakdown.on.what we actually think.of the all-new Myvi here. I am not going  to list down all the specs but things that are relevant to us. Some stuff which I think relevant may not be so relevant to others so. I do suggest reading everywhere else too. 

The Perodua Myvi

This is Perodua's own design. The company has now evolved into a full fledged car maker. The upper body, interior and exterior, is a complete in house job with certain inputs from Daihatsu only. They areno longer a rebadging type of company. Nope, no longer a change of bumper and badges only.

It looks different from any current Daihatsu or, Toyota compact car because of this. In terms of exterior styling, it still has that Perodua DNA especialky the nose of the car. Many say that it takes after a Honda Jazz or a Toyota Corolla hatch with its 30mm lower roofline but once you see it in its entirety, it does not fully resemble these cars. I see a bit of an earlier Mazda Demio when viewed from the side. Probably because of the shape. It looks like a mini wagon in some ways. Like a shortened Perodua Alza with funkier clothing. This is a good thing in terms of space packaging.

The Myvi is built on a heavily modified Myvi platform. It isn't the new Daihatsu Boon/Passo platform but on the familiar, previous generation Myvi platform. The platform retains most of the structure forward of the A pillars but everything rearward had had new high tensile steel incorporated into it. Torsional strength is up between 10 to 15% as is overall wheelbase length making it more spacious, front and back in terms of legroom. Perodua kept the front end as thus allows the easy fitment of the new FE series of Toyota/Daihatsu engines. Weight hasn't changed much because of the use of better steel.

As for the drivetrain, the New Mvyi gets the latest 1NR FE 1.3liter and 2NR FE  1.5liter Toyota dual variable valve timing DOHC engines. This is an upgrade over the previous Myvi as it is more efficient as torque and horsepower is delivered slightly earlier than before. It is built at the Perodua Daihatsu JV plant in Sendayan.

The 5speed and 4 speed automatic transmission are carried over. You don't really need more gears for an affordable lightweight compact that is usually the second car for most or one that is mainly used in urban environments. I also think that Perodua kept it to keep costs dow. Costs are indeed down as this car packs quite a bit of safety systems. Which entry level hatch has more thn four airbags on sale in Malaysia today? It's the Myvi 1.3 folks. Let's not mention the active safety systems (ASA) in the higher specced models. Its quite amazing.

Other details regarding to the automatic and manual drivetrain is that everything is the same. The gear ratios and final drive is like the previous model. Why? It weighs close to the older car so the ratios work fine and no change is required. Again, don't fix whats not broke and keep costs low. If you want tech, its elsewhere like the safety equipment and newer engine. 

As for the interior it seems like when you slide into the seats and look around the first impressions are good. There is a cohesive look to the interior styling and the buttons as well as layout feels good. The steering wheel feels nice and chunky too.

 When you examine closer the plastics feel a little thinner than you'd like. Prod a little and there are areas which flex a little. The trim above the middle air vents and the passenger airbag surrounding area feels this way. The glovebox is smaller than the previous one and the plastic feels thinner, flimsier. But the overall tactile feel of the cabin is good.Perodua had made good use of the textures to uplift the percieved quality of the cabin. They know which part to feel good to touch and look good. 

The seats however are still a weak chink in the Myvi. This time it is still too hard in the leather wrapped variants where it may get slippery in the end when it gets worn out (i.e leather gets polished by weae). Side supports could be better and the fabric seat variants seem to offer better support.  Underthigh support could be better as the seat squab could be a little longer.

The biggest flaw is that the seatbacks end a little too low. Taller people will notice the headrest bottom is what they will rest their shoulder blades on rather than the seatback. The driver and passenger shoulders feel a little hanging. Not a case if you're under five feet five inches in height. But if you are a tall bloke it may be a slight annoyance. Slightly less shoulder and back support than what I woyld have liked. This could be made better. 

I haven't driven the car as yet but from what I've heard, it is more stable quieter and enjoyable than before. Perodua actually benchmarked the VW Polo and Suzuki Swift for driving ride and handling. According to thise that have driven it the car is more refined on the move and is   quieter (more expensive soundproofing was actually used). All of this comments are believable as the car sits on a longer wheelbase which should add to the stability.

I have requested for a test drive of the new Myvi already and will report on that when I get to drive it. But for now, the car is impressive for a total in house effort. The flaws are not dealbreakers in my opinion as once you factor in the fact that prices remain close to what it was, the fact that it looks good and the bucket loads of equipment as well as safety stuff given... it will be selling like hotcakes. 

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on one...or two.
(More photos will be added and more details are in the press release below )




The New Myvi, best in safety and features for its price

Putrajaya, 16 Nov: The All-New Perodua Myvi, which makes its global debut here today with 5,000 bookings, received a 5-Star safety rating by ASEAN NCAP, making it one of the best value for money cars in its price range.

The All-New Myvi, which is priced from RM44,300 to RM55,300, is now available at all Perodua showrooms nationwide.

The car, which offers Modern technology, Youthful design, Versatile space and Intelligent safety, succeeds its predecessor, which was the best-selling model in Malaysia for 9 years in a row.

“This new model features technology which was before this only available in premium cars, this All-New Myvi also sets a benchmark for us in terms of quality, design and overall offerings for our future models,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

He added that Perodua aims to sell an average of 6,000 units monthly.

Among the key features of the All-New Perodua Myvi include the Advanced Safety Assist, which has 4 main functions.

Pre-Collision Warning alerts the driver that a collision is imminent. Pre-Collision Braking assist drivers by applying the brakes if they are still unaware of the impending collision. 

The Front Departure Alert gives a warning to the driver that the vehicle in front has moved. This is particularly useful in heavy traffic.

Last but not least, Pedal Misoperation Control. If the driver accidentally selects Drive instead of Reverse when there is an obstacle in front such as a wall, this feature will assist in suppressing the engine if the accelerator pedal is pushed.

“These features are a first for this price segment. However safety is still in the hands of the driver and the system is only there to assist,” Datuk (Dr) Aminar said.

The ASA features are limited in their application as the forward facing stereo camera will only operate under the right conditions.

Other Malaysian-centric features of the car include the built in toll reader, which is a first for Perodua and an anti-theft hook which made its debut in the Perodua Axia in 2014. The ASA feature is only available in the Advance variant, while the built-in toll reader is available on the High and Advance variants.

The All-New Myvi posts fuel economy figures of between 20.1 and 21.1 km/l, making it on average 32% more efficient than the previous model.

Being 205 mm longer, 30 mm lower and 70 mm wider, with a 60 mm longer wheelbase than its predecessor, the All-New Myvi offers more space inside. A tandem distance of 937 mm ensures lots of legroom for all, and luggage space has increased by 69 litres in the outgoing Myvi to 277 litres.

Other headlining features include LED headlamps with follow-me-home function and headlamp levelling, LED rear combination lamps with light guides and Smart Entry with Push Start, all of which are standard across the range.

All Myvi variants get ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). 1.5 variants come with six airbags while four airbags are standard on 1.3 variants.

Six colours are available – Ivory White, Glittering Silver, Mystical Purple, Lava Red, Peppermint Green (new colour, 1.3 variants only) and Granite Grey (new colour, 1.5 variants only). A 5-year/150,000 km warranty is offered as standard throughout the range.

“We encourage the public to come to our sales showroom and speak to our authorised sales advisors for more details of the All New Myvi,” Datuk (Dr) Aminar said.


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