Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mobility: GRAB Malaysia Launches Its First Ever Grab Lounge At The Sunway Pyramid - More Grab Lounges Planned Too

Grab, Malaysia and Southeast Asia's leading preferred ride hailing service, launched the first ever, Grab Lounge which is located at Sunway Pyramid, in Petaling Jaya. Now you can actually hang out there whilst waiting for Grab cars to pick you up or to arrive with a bit more style too. Something like an airport lounge in some ways.

According to Grab Malaysia, the creation of the lounge aims to ease traffic woes during peak hours so that customers can just chill a bit instead of just grabbing a ride home. Those that can wait a bit get to wait in comfort. Along with the new lounge are dedicated waiting spaces for vehicles that are picking up or dropping off their passengers at the main entrance. 

 (L to R) Sean Goh, Country Head, Grab Malaysia and Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Sunway Mall at the launch of Grab Lounge

The lounge also enables passengers without a Grab account to call for a ride through the booking kiosks that are installed in the lounge. Tourists who do not have an account but with a working telephone number will be able to use the services as well.

The Grab Lounge is planned to be replicated at other Sunway Malls throughout Malaysia as well. There are currently 5 Sunway Malls by the way. Quite a good concept by this Malaysian born ride sharing company.

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