Thursday, November 23, 2017

Truck News: HINO Delivers 15 Units Of Its Newly Improved Hino 300 Series Light Duty Truck To My World Logistics Sdn Bhd

Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd officially delivered 15 units of the new HINO 300 series to My World Logistics Sdn Bhd at a small ceremony in Kuala Lumpur early this morning. The event marks a special occasion for both Hino and My World Logistics as this was actually a first time Hino truck purchase by the delivery company. 

The session included a mock key handover as a symbolic gesture. Present at the event were Hino Motor Sales Malaysia's Executive Director, Dato' Johnny Chan and the Director of My World Logistics, Dato' Abdul Salam as well as the management and staff of My World Logistics and Hino Motors Sales Malaysia.

My World Logistics have been in operation since 2012. It has 150 employees and their main scope of services are the delivery and assembly of flat packed furniture sold by the largest Swedish furniture retailer here in Malaysia (you know who they are). The company is accountable not only for the delivery and assembly of the furniture (if required) but they also manage customer orders, operate warehousing and more transport services from the source to final delivery.

Being a first time customer usually requires putting some trust and confidence into a brand. As this is the first time My World Logistics is buying Hino, it has to be the service and warranty arrangements that have sweetened the deal. According to the folks at Hino, the Hino Total Support programme that they have for their after sales assists customers in minimizing vehicle downtime. This in turn help save on the customer's operational costs. 

There are special and exclusive warranty programmes like the Hino 'Free Parts Program' and the 'Free Service Program' as well as other value added schemes like the 'Best-Fit' ad 'Free Service' Campaigns. These give more value added services to the customer and their truck drivers. All of these, or basically an after sales service package that suits My World Logistics was what that must have convinced them to go with Hino.

As for the trucks, the Hino 300 is a light duty truck suitable for urban transportation which My World Logistics conduct. The Hino 300 is the first light truck in Malaysia to comply with the new UNECE safety compliance regulations. It has a Euro 3 Common Rail diesel engine which allow it to haul cargo up to a 7.5tonne GVW (for the 300 XZU710 series), Side impact bars, energy absorbing steering wheel column in event of a crash and anti lock braking system (ABS). All the technology that we take for granted in passenger cars but are somewhat lacking in commercial vehicles. Not any more of course.

So we now know that our Swedish furniture, if delivered by My World Logistics, may come in quite a competent little delivery truck.

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