Saturday, November 25, 2017

PERODUA Has Received Over 13,000 Bookings Of The All-New Myvi To Date - Has Already Delivered 1,000 Units

Perodua have started deliveries of the all-new Perodua Myvi compact hatchback and about 1,000 units have already been delivered to their owners. This is good news as it would seem that deliveries are fast and it needs to be fast considering that Perodua has actually received over 13,000 bookings since the car was open for bookings. 

The all-new Myvi is priced from RM44,300 to RM55,300, and is the car that sets new standards in quality, technology, space, equipment levels, and safety at a super value for money price. It is the most affordable car on sale in Malaysia today which has a raft of active safety assist (ASA) systems that actually help the driver. It has also received 5 star ASEAN NCAP rating.

More details of the all-new Myvi can be found here.


Perodua focuses on delivery as 1,000 all new Myvis reach their owners

Rawang, 24 Nov: Deliveries of the all-new Perodua Myvi have reached 1,000 units
nationwide since its official launch on 16 November, with the 1.5L variants making up
the lion’s share of over 80%.
“We are now focusing our efforts on delivery of the all new Myvi to our customers as
we understand their urgent need for transportation,” Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd
Managing Director, Dato’ Dr. Zahari Husin said.
He said that currently there is sufficient stock to meet the demand, which reached
13,000 bookings as of today.
“This response so far from the public is overwhelming and we thank our valued
customers for choosing Perodua and especially the all new Perodua Myvi as their
car of choice.”
“To our customers, we will continue our pledge to launch and deliver and we
welcome you to our sales showrooms to speak to our authorised sales advisors to
see as well as to test drive the all new Perodua Myvi for yourselves,” Dato’ Dr.
Zahari said.
Dato’ Dr. Zahari also advised the public to only speak to Perodua’s authorised sales
advisors to ensure that all information given is correct and accurate.
Priced from RM44,300 to RM55,300, the All-New Myvi sets new standards in quality,
technology, space, equipment levels, and most of all, safety.
With an upper body designed completely in-house, the All-New Myvi is truly without
equal, being the only car in its price range to offer active safety features. All variants
of the All-New Myvi have a full 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating.
The first-generation Perodua Myvi was introduced in 2005 and over a million units
were produced up to 2017, making it the most popular Perodua model in history.
Perodua has produced more than 3.2 million vehicles since August 1994.
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