Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happenings: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's Public Relations Initiatives Earn Industry Recognition - Centriq PR Wins Silver at the Malaysia PR Awards 2016/17

It is always the people behind the scenes that ensure the things you see happen in the automotive industry. Cars just don't appear to be fully built up. A brand's reputation is also built up by people who have put their hearts and soul into bringing it to a higher level in the eyes of the public. This time around, the people behind the public relations of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, Centriq PR, have been awarded the Silver award for the Corporate Branding category at the Malaysia PR Awards 2016/17 for their entry - Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Redefining Premium Excellence. 

The Malaysia PR Awards 2016/17 was organised by the Public Relations Consultants' Association of Malaysia and this time around, a Public Relations firm handling one of the giants of the Malaysian automotive industry has scooped up an award. 

This is the joint effort of both Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Centriq PR as one cannot achieve without the other. From what I have experienced, the people who are at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia actually see public relations to be a very important part of the brand's communications strategy. Through this they have pushed their 'The Best Or Nothing' motto which has actually, in part made them into what the brand is today - the premium vehicle market leader.

Of course, the efforts of Mercedes-Benz and its Malaysian arm is actually one heck of a feat in everything actually. They must have a holistic approach to selling its brand, its cars and the lifestyle in encompasses. But it is also the communication of all of these to the general public is what makes the brand succeed on so many levels. Oh, and this requires some skillful navigation by the PR people, like Centriq PR. 

PR done right!  Redefining Premium Excellence, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s PR campaign bagged the Silver at the recent Malaysia PR Awards 2016/17. (from left) Centriq PR Account Lead, Jeannette D’Netto; Managing Director, Jacqueline Arnold; Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Passenger Cars Corporate Communication & PR Manager, Vishal Bhaskaran; and Centriq PR Senior PR Executive, Teri Wong, celebrate the win.

Here we have a whole bunch of winners at the Malaysia PR Awards 2016/17.....


Petaling Jaya, 15 November 2017 – Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s public relations initiatives
has once again earned industry recognition. The entry submitted by Centriq PR titled
Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Redefining Premium Excellence, earned the silver award in the
Corporate Branding category at the Malaysia PR Awards 2016/17, organised by the Public
Relations Consultants’ Association of Malaysia (PRCA) Malaysia.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner, applauded the team on the
achievement. “Public relations is at the core of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s communications
strategy. Through the strategic use of PR, we have successfully communicated our
commitment to delivering The Best or Nothing in every aspect. As a result, Mercedes-Benz
Malaysia continues to maintain the lead in the premium automotive segment, further capturing
market share. The campaign has certainly proven successful, and this award is a testament
to the team and their exemplary efforts,” he said.

“Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is a firm believer in the power of PR, and we are really pleased that
our PR initiatives are having such a powerful impact on our client’s business. The campaign
proves that in addition to building a brand, PR done right has a positive impact on the bottom
line as well. The award is the result of great teamwork, and consultancy and client being
aligned as one unit. We thank the Malaysian media for their support and the professional
relationship we have forged, without which this award would not have been possible,” added
Centriq PR managing director, Jacqueline Arnold.

The Malaysia PR Awards is the industry awards organised by the Public Relations
Consultants’ Association of Malaysia (PRCA Malaysia), an organisation dedicated to fostering
public relations excellence, to recognise successful campaigns of organisations and PR
Consultancies, as well as individuals that define the cutting edge work in the public relations

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