Saturday, November 18, 2017

Offers & Promotions: Volkswagen Aftersales Year End Promotion - 20% Off on Selected Genuine Parts

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia has just launched an aftersales promotion from now till 31st December. You can now get up to 20% off the price for selected genuine spare parts at all authorised Volkswagen service centres throughout Malaysia.

From the looks of it, brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades and windscreen cleaning fluids are the ones with the discounts. The brake parts are good as these are the pricier wear and tear items. Let's also mention the simple fact that genuine parts are also quite reliable too.

This surely helps customer's wallets during the year end holiday season where many would prefer spending their hard earned cash on excursions, trips and just enjoying the time as the year winds down.  

Considering VPCM is offering genuine stuff for a better price. It is always a good thing as every tiny bit counts!

Volkswagen Offers Year-End Aftersales Promotion

Kuala Lumpur, 14 November 2017 – Volkswagen Passenger Cars
Malaysia (VPCM) has launched a nationwide aftersales year-end
promotion, in time for the holiday season. From now till 31 December
2017, customers can enjoy up to 20 percent discount on selected
genuine parts at all Volkswagen authorized service centres.

Moreover, given the current wet season, ensuring one’s family safety
when traveling is even more vital – and this can be achieved with the
suitable, good-quality parts on offer by Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen’s genuine Aero wiper blades are made of high
quality rubber material which comes with pre-tensioned precision flex
rails and integrated spoiler ensuring constant contact pressure at wide
range of speeds – and ultimately providing better visibility on the road.

And for the windscreen, Volkswagen genuine windscreen cleaner
provides effortless all-year round optimum cleaning in any condition,
removes waxy and oily deposits with high level hard-water stability
resulting in cleaner windscreens.

Good brakes matter to protect the safety of the driver and loved ones,
especially during emergency situations. All brake pads undergo extreme
pressure and stress every time a vehicle slows down or comes to a stop,
and Volkswagen genuine brake pads with precise fitting and high
friction retention are made to resist high compression load. They are
also designed for optimal interplay with brake discs and come with full
dimensional stability and minimal tolerances.

And lastly on offer, Volkswagen genuine brake discs - which are
designed with flow-optimized air ducts for maximum cooling and reliable
performance in extreme conditions and high temperatures. These brake
discs are made of cast iron or steel with high chromium which reduces
noise and vibration on the brake pedals, ensuring smooth and safe

To find out more, please visit or your nearest
Volkswagen authorized dealer.

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