Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Public Service Announcement by Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia - Don't let anything stop you from voting this GE 14!

In conjunction with the upcoming 14th Malaysian General Elections, aka GE 14, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia (Bosch AA) has collaborated with Malaysia's lip sync queen, Kak Girl. They've produced a short video to remind voters to get their car batteries checked for safe travels and avoid car break downs which may interrupt voters from going to their polling stations. This is especially aimed at those who actually go back to their home towns and vote.

This is part of Bosch AA's efforts in raising public awareness, especially car owners, on vehicle maintenance and its impact on road safety.

Aside from that, they've decided to join the election bandwagon in a certain way by being one of the businesses in Malaysia that are coming together to ensure Malaysians will not miss out on their right to cast a vote.

According to Mr.Pang Yoon Kong, Country Manager of Bosch Automative Aftermarket in Malaysia, "We are happy to work on this video to encourage Malaysians to exercise their right to vote. Given that battery malfunction contributes to 70% of car breakdowns, we would like to remind Malaysians to not let something as minor as battery malfunction disrupt their plans to vote. We foresee that many people will be travelling back to their hometowns to vote come polling day and as a responsible company, we would like to encourage drivers practice proper vehicle maintenance to ensure passenger safety and ease road congestion along major highways "

I've put on a short snippet of the video on Motoring-Malaysia's Youtube channel as you can see above, but if you want to watch the video in full, please click the video below or visit Bosch AA's Facebook page to view the entire video: 

I actually think my 30 over second edit is better. What say you?

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