Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Perodua Will Continue To Supply Parts For The Previous Generation Myvi And Other Perodua Models Too

Perodua have announced that they will continue their spare parts support their second-generation Myvi for a while longer. This commitment was made when they officially opened a new parts production line dedicated to the second-generation Myvi. The plant is operated by Perodua vendor IQM Sdn Bhd at its Proton City, Tanjung Malim facility. The plant currently produces body components including hoods, doors, fenders, quarter panels and roofs for the second generation Myvi.

IQM are an automotive supplier of metal stamping, body assembly parts and brake tube components, where they been a vendor of Perodua since 2002. IQM began manufacturing service parts for the Perodua Viva in 2014, as production of the model ended. Viva parts are still being produced today at IQM’s Tanjung Malim facility.

Mr Takahashi Masanori (left) and YBhg Dato' Zainal Abidin Ahmad, President and Vice-President of Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd respectively , cutting the ribbon to officiate the opening of the Myvi Service Parts Line at IQM Tanjung Malim. Looking on is IQM Executive Director En Aidil Azlan Mohd Fitri (behind, middle) and IQM Group Business and Marketing General Manager En Azrai Ramli (behind, right).

Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd President Mr Takahashi Masanori mentioned at the Myvi Service Parts Line official opening that Perodua decided to outsource parts production for the second-generation Myvi because their manufacturing plants are already at peak capacity. Since IQM has been making Viva parts since production of the model ended in 2014, IQM was a natural choice for this project.

According to Perodua,  the Myvi Service Parts Line at IQM Tanjung Malim produces only body components owing to their high demand (since there are many on the road, chances are there have been many accidents involving this car). Engine parts for the second-generation Myvi continue to be produced on a one-shot basis at PMSB in Rawang, while other parts are produced by various vendors.

Perodua have stated that aside from the second-generation Myvi and the Viva, original parts for the first-generation Myvi, the Kelisa and even the Kancil continue to be produced by their vendors in Malaysia to this day. There are over 519,000 units of the second generation Myvi that have been produced from 2011 to 2017 and most of it were sold in Malaysia so the need for parts is a genuine concern for many (most likely after the newpaper report in The Star stating that Proton have stopped production of Proton Wira spares).

But the real hard truth is that is is actually standard practice for many automakers to keep readily available stocks for any model for up to ten years after the car has stopped production. The Proton Wira last rolled off Proton's line in 2009 and if you are counting down the years, next year would be the final year Proton would need to keep a stock of parts. Right now, there should be ample supply still lying around at warehouses and stockists and it should be enough to last a few more years. Now add the fact that the company is now under new management, things are bound to be done by the book and older models would definitely be a chapter which the company would like to close. 

That being said, Perodua has done is quite unique in that there are still parts being produced by their vendors for the Kancil and Kelisa. The production for the Kancil ended in 2009 whilst the Kelisa, in 2007. If Perodua are still producing parts for the Kelisa then you have got to give Perodua a whole lot of credit as technically, they do not need to do so anymore. 

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