Wednesday, April 25, 2018

#SHELLSELAMATSAMPAI Road Safety Campaign Targets Motorcyclists & Youth

Shell Malaysia Road Safety Movement or in the era of hashtags, the #ShellSelamatSampai (#SSS) is a Shell Malaysia CSR programme. The programme is all about road safety awareness and behavioural change among motorcyclists and the youth, who are said to have the highest fatality rate in road accidents in Malaysia. So for 2018, Shell Malaysia has launched another round of it this #SSS campaign with four major programmes aimed at putting through the importance of road safety among the target audience. 

 Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan with students at SMK Taman Melati recently as part of the #ShellSelamatSampai programme

This time around, Shell Advance, the leading motorcycle engine oil brand in Malaysia, will be the Shell Malaysia brand which will be at the forefront of the campaign. Shell will be conducting motorcycle maintenance workshops at schools and higher education institutions to inculcate the habit of proactive maintenance and proper lubrication practice so that motorcycle users have reliable and safe vehicles when they use them. Properly maintained vehicles, including motorcycles, are crucial in reducing the number of road accidents. So many things can happen to a badly maintained motorcycle engine, like jam up in the middle of a busy road and leaving the rider stranded in direct path of larger vehicles.

So this year, #ShellSelamatSampai (#SSS) is broken into four parts, the #SSS School Outreach, #SSS MyLesen, #SSS School Challenge and #SSS Varsity Challenge. The first programme is the  #SSS School Outreach programme. This will see Shell Malaysia attempt to drive home its ‘Goal Zero’ accident-free zone message through a fun, educational and interactive roadshow to 20 schools nationwide. Secondary school students are the first to get their licenses at the age of 16 (usually form 4 children) and these are definitely an important target group.

Secondly, the #SSS MyLesen programme is where Shell will sponsor 40 Sabahan students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Badin in Tuaran and SMK Inanam in Kota Kinabalu to obtain a valid motorcycle-riding license. This is a special gift for these students as it would actually benefit them and their families in many ways. But aside from the sponsoring of a valid license, Shell is also giving them proper road safety training too. The selected students would have the opportunity to undergo training on defensive riding, road safety awareness and how to handle emergencies, and a motorcycle maintenance workshop by Shell Advance.  This training programme is a joint effort by Shell Malaysia with the Road Transport Department (JPJ), traffic police (PDRM) and the Ministry of Education. We hope the students will take the lessons and the gift seriously. A wasted life is a wasted talent of the future.

Next, comes the #SSS Varsity Challenge for the higher education institutions. This aims to challenge students in six selected universities across the country. The selected six are the Curtin University, Monash University, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Mara. Students from these universities are tasked to develop technical prototypes or devices for road safety intervention that could help prevent road-related accidents among road users. If their project is deemed most impactful, creative and sustainable, they will win a Grand Prize of RM10,000 .

Lastly, year the selected twenty schools from the #SSS School Outreach nationwide will  also take part in in the #SSS School Challenge. This is similar to the #SSS Varsity Challenge in terms of objective to create the most useful, creative and sustainable road safety device. They will be also be elligible for a RM10,000 Grand Prize too. 

Shell Malaysia has been a strong advocate for the improvement of road safety culture among Malaysians since 1957. These CSR programmes give back to the country and also foster future talented individuals. Now a multinational company has initiated something for the future and it always is interesting when our youth get to experience and gain skills for free. Let's hope they don't let all of this go to waste.

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