Monday, April 23, 2018

Truck News: Isuzu Malaysia Conducts Special Gathering For Malaysian Truck Body Builders

Bodybuilding isn't just for human body building. If you are in the trucking industry it also means customising  cargo carrying bodies for trucks. There are a select few of these coachbuilding or customised bodybuilders in the industry and truck and bus manufacturers depend on them to build up the bare truck or bus chassis. So recently, Isuzu Malaysia recently conducted a special gathering session for Isuzu truck bodybuilders, from 13 th to 14 th April 2018, at the Ombak Villa in Langkawi, Kedah to give them the opportunity to get to know the latest Isuzu has to offer in terms of their commercial vehicles and also get detailed product training.

Twenty-one bodybuilders from all over the nation attended the gathering session, which was also attended Isuzu Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, Koji Nakamura, and Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Vehicle Division, Mikio Tsukui as well as representatives from the Isuzu Malaysia head office. 

The event allows Isuzu Malaysia to reconnect with their business partners to gain continuous support in market expansion, aside from promoting the ‘Isuzu Way’ of practising great efficiency in operational aspects, ensuring excellence in Customer Satisfaction. The last such gathering between Isuzu Malaysia and Malaysian body builders was held in 2014 so it was timely for the commercial vehicle brand to get to know these group of people again.

As stated above, Truck bodybuilders are specialised in supplying local businesses with the most suitable commercial vehicle fittings and configurations to meet various business needs and functionalities, while adhering to legal and safety requirements. These are the people that transporters who want a specific type of cargo carrier have to meet in order to get what they want. Even if they want a traditional open type wood framed cargo area these are the people that would do it for them. As with locally assembled trucks here in Malaysia, it is actually more economically viable for a commercial vehicle like Isuzu to assemble a chassis then let a local body builder to build up the chassis.

The event is actually a fact finding programme for both parties. The bodybuilders benefit from gaining knowledge on new products and existing model line-ups from detailed presentations and information sharing by Isuzu Malaysia on the ELF, FORWARD and GIGA-model trucks whilst at the same time, it has provided Isuzu Malaysia the opportunity to effectively collect information on Isuzu chassis modification and what the current body building techniques are utilised here in Malaysia by these coachbuilders.

Koji Nakamura, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia, shared his excitement about the gathering as it allows Isuzu Malaysia to network with the truck bodybuilders and business partners, whilst also allowing for collaborative sharing of information and knowledge on commercial vehicle specialisation as well as also get to know how other truck manufacturers are doing things as these body builders also build bodies for the other brands too. 

Of course, in order for any company to keep up or stay in front of its competition as well as to understand what customers want, there will always have to be more understanding of the market. So with fact finding exercises like these, Isuzu Malaysia makes continuous improvements needed so that it can offer businesses a full range of commercial vehicle products to suit a variety of trade and industry needs. 

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