Wednesday, April 11, 2018

KONI Shock Absorbers Launches Its New Special Active Damper Line of Products

KONI Shock Absorbers, that well known brand in the field of vehicle suspension have launched their new Special Active damper product line. This latest KONI shock absorber will actually recognize the road condition and the driving style to provide better ride and handling. The KONI Special Active line will start going on sale right around now and should make it to South East Asian shores soon.

The Special Active Damper line is designed to provide a super satisfying ride and handling experience. According to KONI, the Special Active damper recognizes the road condition and your driving style where the result is greater road holding, handling, stability and comfort as well as providing a level of safety in all conditions without the need for complicated electronic damping systems. 

KONI Engineering explains that it had taken the latest generation of KONI’s proven, patented Frequency Selective Damping Technology (Active Technology) and then had combined it into KONI's high performance KONI Special dampers series. So the special, speed sensitive valves (to describe one of the technologies put into it)  in the absorber body is combined with a sportier type of tune in order to make it something for the performance enthusiast.

KONI have claimed that their Active technology rivals the expensive electronic ride control systems which many premium cars tend to have but at a fraction of the price. Whilst the complicated and usually specially designed electronic damping systems cannot be retrofitted into existing vehicles, the KONI Special Active dampers can be fitted into older cars through modern sedans, light trucks, and SUVs. 

This patented Frequency Selective Damping Technology by KONI isn't something totally new. Since its introduction, KONI’s patented technology has been continually developed and upgraded.  The KONI Active Technology has been used as an original equipment part by many automobile manufacturers worldwide including Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Fiat, Opel, Abarth, Lamborghini and Ferrari. As a note, Mercedes-Benz actually calls it their Agility Control damping system. According to KONI, over 1,5 million cars, buses, trucks and recreational vehicles have already been factory equipped with Frequency Selective Damping Technology dampers.

What these new dampers are actually high performance variants of the Frequency Selective Dampers. This is quite a good upgrade if your car has the OE dampers as you now have a choice to use a sportier damper when you need to change your shocks absorbers.

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