Friday, May 19, 2017

The Launch of the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017 and what can you find there. (Lots of Photos)

The biennial Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) has started today, the 18th of May, and will carry on till the 20th of May 2017. The Expo is held at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines in Sri KembanganThis exhibition was organised by Asian Trucker Media and it showcases the latest in commercial vehicles to the Malaysian and also South East Asian market. This year, the exhibition's theme is 'Connected Mobility'. 

As most of us are aware, we now live in a connected world. So connectivity and data are becoming a key instrument to manage businesses. In terms of commercial vehicles or even vehicles per se, it is mobile connectivity which will benefit fleet operators and commuters. This includes tech such as machine to machine connectivity with would include GPS for self driving vehicles in the near future. Of course, most of the European brands would be showcasing this technology at MCVE 2017.

This year the organisers anticipate 7,000 visitors. This follows a trend where the 2015 Expo saw a 23% jump in visitors from the first expo way back in 2013. MCVE this year had food trucks right in the exhibition hall which also shows visitors first hand on what smaller commercial vehicles can do. There are several notable exhibits, forums, signing ceremonies and things to do. 

Hino Trucks displayed a few of their revised trucks - the 500 & the 300 series (above) and also brought in their Hino Dakar Rally truck (below) for all to see - and it looks bloody good! 

Scania showed off their latest premium R-Series truck (below) which was recently launched in 2016. It is bigger than the G series that they have here and more aerodynamic (you can see the side cladding here). They will launch it here when it is ready for the tropical climate. 

Scania had just come from a successful sale of 50 units of their G series prime mover to one customer and also conducted a forum to inform the media on what Scania are up to. 

They also displayed a long wheelbase bus chassis (or part of it as it will be a monocoque chassis instead of a ladder frame one), their Driver Challenge and a signing ceremony with a company for the training of over 140 drivers. Quite a lot actually. I will actually come up with a separate article on Scania at a later date.

Volvo Trucks also displayed their newly launched FH Series of trucks which they just launched. They also displayed their Bus Rapid Transit chassis to show off their capability in having a suitable platform for the proposed Federal Highway BRT in the Klang Valley. 

MAN also occupied a large space in front but only displayed one vehicle. 

The China made brands were also out in full force - I saw CAM (Sendok Group) which brings in JMC & Sinotruck/Sitrak, CAMC, FAW, JAC Motors, SHACMAN (brought in by YonMing Group - an OEM & aftersales parts dealer/distributor). Some of these brands have only been around within the last 5 years or so. It does show that the market is willing to look at products based on price.

There are also spare parts players too like Palfinger lifting equipment, ALCOA aftermarket Wheels (which look quite good in chrome as well as being lighter than the original wheels of the truck) and YonMing Group to name a few. Oil & Gas companies were represented by Caltex and Shell lubricants.

There is the Scania Driver Competition MCVE Edition, where anyone with a driver's license experience the challenging environment that truck and bus drivers face on a daily basis. There is also the 7th Annual Asian Trucker networking night and a luncheon for the members of the Asian Trucker Drivers Club which will be held on the 20th of May. All of these provide a platform for business development within the members and players in the commercial vehicle community.

Basically the Expo is about networking. And network I did. I also tried the Scania Driver Competition MCVE Edition. Did not do too well as I knocked down one of the posts which I wasn't supposed to knock down But that wasn't unexpected. Do enjoy the photos below.

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