Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trucks: Motoring-Malaysia's Video Blog #1 of 2017 - Featuring the Volvo FH Series truck at its launch

Here is one of the rare occasions where I have decided to put up a video on YouTube. I do not usually do this currently as there is only so much I can personally do. Anyway, this is one on the VOLVO FH Series of trucks which was recently launched here in Malaysia. 1.00 minute long only. Specially for truck spotters I think. 

Of course, in the age of the Internet of Things (something which is still just a phrase to me with nothing much coming out of it as yet) I should be doing more of this video blogging. People these days like things that move. Reading long articles is good, but these days most have shorter attention spans. I will include more moving pictures on this blog. A little bit more for now and soon you'd see me talking to myself holding a camera more often. Maybe after I lose some weight or get some plastic surgery. Not.

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