Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Motorsport: Tengku Djan Wins Drift Competition in Thailand after a four year hiatus from Drifting

Malaysian professional drifter, Tengku Djan had entered the Drift Competition (Thailand) 2017 at the  Songkhla Speedway in Amphoe Hat Yai, Thailand which recently happened on the 13th and 14th of May 2017. This was his first time entering a drift competition after a four year hiatus from the sport. Even with a lengthy hiatus, he had managed to win the Class A category of the event.

Tengku Djan who represented MaxxOil Drift Team did not have it super easy. He qualified second in qualifying, and then, Tengku Djan and Davide Dorigo (DJ Dre) from Bangkok, Thailand were tied in the first round of the finals. To decide the winner, both of them had to drift for an extra round and managed to convince the judges that he was the better drifter.

“I appreciate MaxxOil for the support. I am overwhelmed. I want to thank my team and everyone who had a hand in the competition and believing in me,” said Tengku Djan. He also said that it was an effort from MaxxOil Drift team and the support given.

Quite an impressive return to the sport after a break. Drifting may have taken a back seat but sometimes, skills aren't just forgotten. Of course, success also comes when there is a dedicated team behind you. 

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