Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Spotted For Sale: 1991 Mercedes-Benz 230CE converted to God knows what

This is another horror story in my opinion. The Mercedes-Benz W124 or C124 CE coupe is already a modern classic. So keeping one of these cars in pristine condition with its lines straight and true is actually a good thing as if you guys wanna talk resale value, you should buy one of these for about RM25-35,000 and you still may get to sell it off for the same price many years down the road. But I don't think you could do that with this one.

It is nothing like what a 230CE should look like. The 'wide body kit made with auto show quality' (whatever that means) has actually made sure that you will lose some money from it. It has those peanut styled lights from a W203 C-class and rear light clusters from a W220 S-class by the looks of it. What you are seeing is a square car with rounded stuff plonked onto it. And it has fins at the side skirt. It just looks so wrong. I also don't think I have bad taste too. It definitely is ridiculous body styling here. 

The original looks so simple here. 
Or you could AMG Hammer the looks.
But not this....

It also does not have the original engine as the 2.3liter engine has made way for a 2.8liter. One of the nicer things about classic cars is that collectors would actually like matching numbers (engine and chassis) or at the very least, the same engine type for the car. And whilst the seller says the engine is 'bullet proof', the original engine was also very bullet-proof too. 

I nearly wanted to cry. Oh, the horror. The horror. Why would anyone do this to such a fine car? I suddenly feel like how some vegans feel when people eat meat in front of them. 

Original ad on mudah.my is here (whilst it lasts) or down below.

Seller Says
 wide body kit made from auto show quality. Last painted 7 year's ago. currently 18inch male female rims with new tyre. will given away with 19inch and with tyres.

originally CE230 and changed engine to Legendary Masterpiece E280. This engine is bullet proof and need very minimal maintenance.

Willing to swap with super bikes as goldwing. ZX. CB. CBR. HARLEY. 4X4 is welcome as well.

car is not use for a very long time and it was just warming up at taman area only.

old car need some attention and don't expect as 99% like new.

Thanks mudah.

whatapps only Show contact number kws kulai lagenda putra johor.

currently located at lagenda industrial park.

3digit VIP number go together at no extra charge.

I also accept swap with single digit number only as I can interchange to my bike.
Mercedes Benz
Engine Capacity
2800 cc
100 000 - 109 999
Mfg. Year
Solar Film, CD Player, Leather Seats, Airbag Driver, Airbag Passenger, DVD Player, ABS Brakes, Sport Rims, Alarm, Central Lock, Adjustable Steering, Reverse Camera, Electric Seat, Sunroof / Moonroof, Bodykit, Cruise Control

Read more at http://www.mudah.my/1991+Mercedes+Benz+230CE+2+8+A+-54362784.htm#cF9IhLvqScbt6ztz.99

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