Monday, May 08, 2017

Who does not need to wear seatbelts whilst driving here in Malaysia?


Article 7. 
Certain categories of persons exempted from wearing safety seat-belts.Rule 4 shall not apply
(a) to any person in a police, military or fire service motor vehicle or an ambulance;

(b) to any person who is certified by two registered medical practitioners that he is medically unfit to wear a safety seatbelt;
(c) to any person or class of persons who may be exempted by the Minister by order from time to time.

There you have it. So any time you see police officers in their patrol cars and they're not buckled up you know they're actually exempt from doing so by law. 

This is another reason for you to join the Malaysian police, army, navy, air force or fire department. Especially if you hate wearing seatbelts. 

Aside from that, wear your Goddamn seatbelts lahhh! It's so much safer for you and you won't get a fine for not wearing one. In fact, if I were any of the above, I'd still wear one as I have been in a few accidents over the years and the feeling of being thrown around inside a car isn't such a pleasant one.

Note: An analysis conducted in the United States in 1984 compared a variety of seat belt types alone and in combination with air bags.

The range of fatality reduction for front seat passengers was broad, from 20% to 55%, as was the range of major injury, from 25% to 60%. More recently, the CDC has summarized this data by stating "seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half.

In crashes, unbelted rear passengers increase the risk of belted front seat occupants' death by nearly five times

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