Monday, May 08, 2017

Porsche launches the "Introduction to Porsche" Driving Programme for new Four Door Porsche Owners

Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP) officially introduced a new driving programme aptly titled "Introduction to Porsche" for owners of the new 4 foor Porsche models. The customers or new owners get to enhance their four-door sports car fascination and customer experience on the racetrack. This means that owners get more thrills every second even with a four door Porsche here in Malaysia

All owners of new four-door Porsche vehicles registered in 2017 (to date) had received an exclusive complimentary invitation to participate in the driving programme at the Sepang International Circuit. The programme included purchasers of the Macan, the Cayenne and the new Panamera. 

"Introduction to Porsche is a customer experience driving programme in addition to our current Porsche Open Track Day. We are excited to introduce this programme to new owners to experience every phase of advanced Porsche technology," said Arnt Bayer, Chief Executive Officer of Sime Darby Auto Performance. "It is a perfect Sunday activity for our customers - drive your Porsche to work during the weekdays and have fun on the track on the weekend," he added. 

Mentored by Porsche instructors, participants undertook a series of driving exercises, progressively moving to different sections of the racetrack to build experience and knowledge before culminating in full laps of the track. While demonstrating the fundamentals of vehicle control, "Introduction to Porsche" was also a great opportunity for new owners to expand their driving skills, learn about driving in emergency situations and explore the capabilities of their new four-door sports car. A full racetrack driving experience in a two-door Porsche sports car was also included (they get to feel what a 'real' Porsche can do - of course lah, I was born at a time when Porsche did just two door coupes).

Aside from that, SDAP mentioned that the company continues to offer new Porsche owners a comprehensive four-year warranty and four-year free maintenance package. This includes complimentary service, parts and labour as part of our peace-of-mind ownership programme, So in some words, you can safety drive your Porsche very fast (but carefully) in Sepang and still be covered in terms of some maintenance costs. 

Track day sessions like these are one of those driving experiences worth experiencing. It is actually better if a manufacturer is involved as you get the best and it is basically free of charge. Well, the actual entrance fee is the purchase of a car. So if you ever buy a slightly more premium car and the dealer offers you one of these sorts of experiences, you should seize it. I would.

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