Saturday, October 08, 2016

Perodua at the CarSifu Editor's Choice Awards & Some thoughts on the overall Awards given out.

Perodua won something with the Bezza at the CarSifu Editor's Choice Awards 2016. Something called the BEST FAMILY RIDE OF THE YEAR. Whilst it is good that Perodua won something. Congratulations is in order, but..... It would make sense if the award was for Best A-segment sedan or something like that. 

Best Family Ride of the Year. An A-segment sedan? Wouldn't the all-new Honda Civic be better as a family sedan? I do acknowledge that the Bezza is a good car. But it is engineered to a certain point. Best first family sedan maybe. Best small sedan maybe. Best affordable sedan maybe. Best Family Ride of the Year? How about a Mercedes Benz E250? 

Too many funny categories in this Awards organised by CarSifu. Whilst I do agree the industry needs more awards to recognise accomplishments in the auto industry, some, like best dressed-up SUV or pickup needs some tweaking. 

That being said, I understand that this is the 'Editor's Choice' awards. So as an editor, the choice of award is up to him/her. The choice of awarding it to the winner is also his or hers. 

Maybe I will have my own awards one day. Then you can see 'Best Car to drive to a reunion' or 'Best Car to have lunch in' or Best Car to go out on a date and score big'. The choices are endless.

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