Monday, October 10, 2016


PROTON cars is on a roll. The All-new Proton Persona and the All-New Proton Saga have managed to be quite a sales success for them raking in over 12,000 and 4,000 bookings respectively. This is quite promising for them as the new Persona was launched on the 23rd of August and the New Saga was only launched on the 28th of September. A mere two weeks or so ago!

I found out these details at the event marking the launch of the latest collaboration between the Malaysia Automotive Institute and PROTON as regards vendor and dealer development programme conducted by MAI. The CEO of Proton Edar, Mr Rohimie bin Shafie was present at the event and the press conference afterwards. 

The Proton Persona (above) had managed over 12,000 bookings. 3,000 of which have already been registered and are on the road. The top of the line Persona SE still holds the title for most number of bookings - 45% of the total number. Proton also hopes to deliver most of the Persona variants ordered within a period of one month or so from the date the cars were booked. Of course this is dependant on the location of the branch the car was ordered, the variant and the colour ordered. 

As for the New Saga. It is quite extraordinary that they have gotten 4,000 bookings for their latest and smallest sedan. It has barely been two weeks since the car was launched and it was only a few days ago I first started noticing the dealership test cars plying the streets of Petaling Jaya. According to Mr Rohimie, the bulk of the orders were for the middle range Saga Executive which to me is a wise choice in terms of value and equipment offered. You still get so much car for so little even though you are not getting ESC (which is only on the top spec model) you still get ABS/EBD and two airbags - as well as a car that has good road holding from the outset. And it looks really good too, for such an entry level car.

Quite good numbers for PROTON. I suppose their efforts are paying off.

The Proton Saga 1.3 Executive

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