Sunday, October 30, 2016

Spotted For Sale: 2004 Ferrari 360 spider F1 - Sambung Bayar for a Ferrari?

This was spotted for sale recently. First time I am seeing an advert that is asking the buyer to continue the car loan. However there is a catch. There is a RM180,000 down payment and that RM7,000 monthly payment which would have to continue for another 3 and a half years. Continuing loan instalments for a Ferrari? How pathetic.

RM180,000 and RM294,000 equals to RM474,000. For that amount of money you could buy a 2004 non-spider 360 for RM305,000 and have the extra to maintain it. Who cares if it isn't a roadster if you can save that much for something which is already over a decade old. 
You could also get a newer 2005 F430 GTB which is going for RM378,800. 
This must be what happens when the money runs out. It could be oil and gas money running on empty or some MLM player biting the dust. Maybe that recent Mecca Hotel Fund fiasco?. But hello, 'sambung bayar' (continuing instalments) for a Ferrari? Buy a Ferrari only if you can afford it lah. Don't continue instalments for something like this. You can get it cheaper if you do it properly.

Original Ad is here while it lasts and also below:

Seller Says

Promosi hari raya haji!!!!!!!!
Siapa cepat dia dapat!!!!!

Ferrari 360 spider F1
Tahun 2004/2010
Baki loan 3 tahun 6 bulan sahaja
Bulanan Rm 7000

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