Monday, October 31, 2016

2017 Hyundai Azera aka Hyundai Grandeur photos released - Very European in execution and premium looking too

Sometimes it is actually better to wait awhile when it comes to typing out automotive related news. I recently received the press release on the all-new 2017 Hyundai Azera / Hyundai Grandeur which had a sketch teasing the upcoming model. It was the company throwing a hint or two. Luckily I didn't bite and here we now have proper images of the car. 

The new Azera is stylish indeed. Very European in execution. Somehow the design direction that Hyundai is taking is promising indeed. What we have seen in the current Hyundai Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson is now put to good use into this large Premium grade sedan. 

Look at the styling. It does have that Germanic feel towards it both inside and out. 

Some of you may remember that in the mid-2000s Hyundai sold a previous generation of the Azera here in Malaysia. And look where progress has brought the company. This new model is sleek and quite pleasant. It could even sit as a Genesis model instead of just a Hyundai. It looks complete enough in so many ways.

The car should be launched in Korea by the end of November 2016.

Hyundai Motor Reveals Further Interior and Exterior Design Details for All-new Azera 

New images of the All-new Azera reveal bold signature themes that will lead the new era of Hyundai Motor design
Powerful yet elegant design silhouette retains traditional cues but with more sophisticated presence
Dramatic exterior design continues into the interior to complete the Modern Premium experience
Oct. 27, 2016 – Hyundai Motor has revealed further details of its All-new Azera in a series of new images that emphasize the signature sedan’s sophisticated exterior and interior design. The sixth generation Azera is rich in heritage and will lead a new era of design for Hyundai Motor when it launches in Korea next month.

The latest interior and exterior images of the All-new Azera – badged as Grandeur in Korea – reveal an advanced, glamourous design that builds on traditional design cues from previous generations of the Azera. Its own legacy is assured by Hyundai’s grand new three-dimensional ‘cascading grille’ that sets a prestigious yet futuristic tone, while the rest of the car continues the dramatic expression with exquisitely balanced proportions and beautiful detailing.

The exterior of the All-new Azera forms an elegant and dynamic silhouette, with the slim, horizontal headlamps and a grille positioned low down to visually lower the center of gravity and to enhance the car’s powerful stance. Precise yet rhythmical character lines are present from the front hood all the way through to the sophisticated, sensuous curvature of the rear fenders, with the distinctive rear light signature honoring traditional Azera design cues.

The majestic cascading grille leads a new era of Hyundai Motor design, creating a strong presence worthy of a signature sedan of Hyundai. Powerful body lines stamped into the All-new Azera’s hood present a purposeful image, harmonizing with the muscular rear silhouette. The balanced proportions and striking lines combine to reflect the car’s balance of comfort and performance driving capabilities.

The dramatic yet sophisticated exterior design continues inside, with smooth and undulating panels enhanced with rich colors for an inviting feel. The layered horizontal dashboard permits a wide and generous interior that enhances the perception of space, with intuitive controls and information displayed on each layer. New paint technologies and enriched materials demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship that delivers Hyundai Motor’s Modern Premium experience for a new, sophisticated demographic of premium car owners.

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