Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Truck News: Scania Malaysia Holds Another Truck & Bus Handing Over Ceremony - This Time To Customers Up North

Sin Hock Soon Transport Sdn Bhd, Nurkasih Holiday & Tours Sdn Bhd and LLZ Haulage Sdn Bhd recently took delivery of vehicles from Scania Maalaysia. Sin Hock Soon Transport received 17 trucks, Nurkasih Holiday & Tours received six buses and LLZ Haulage received two trucks respectively. 

The staff of Scania Butterworth

The proud new owners where presented the keys at the Scania Open day which happened over the weekend at the Scania Butterworth branch. Mock keys were presented at a small ceremony by Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström to Sin Hock Soon Director, Mr. Tony Yew; Nurkasih Holiday & Tours, En. Hafisol; and LLZ Haulage, En. Tajnoor there.

Sin Hock Soon Transport and LLZ Haulage both purchased the Scania G410LA6x2MSZ trucks. The Scania G-series trucks have more than adequate performance and are designed to be as fuel efficient as possible. They are suitable to attain the best profitability during long-haul operations.

The six Scania buses acquired by Nurkasih Holiday &Tours are five K360IB4x2 and one K250IB4x2 respectively. Both feature powerful engines (the '360' and '250' refers to horsepower) with higher torque at lower revs and are equipped with the Scania Opticruise gear-change which is smooth whilst changing gears while reducing clutch and synchromesh wear.

When asked on why the three customers chose Scania, they mentioned the performance, reliability, fuel economy and safety that Scania vehicles offer. all of which contribute to the profitability and sustainability of their businesses as well as Scania’s excellent after sales service. Of course, those in the industry would also say it is the long term relationship between the parties that count. Especially in terms of after sales and the service they receive.

The purchases mentioned here are all facilitated in-house by Scania Credit.  These new buses and trucks come with the standard package of the two-year free Scania Maintenance; two-year free 24/7 Scania Assistance and a ten-year free Scania Fleet Management System (FMS).

Speaking at the ceremony Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström said, “We are proud to be a partner for Sin Hock Soon Transport and LLZ Haulage for their long-haul operations. We are also proud of our partnership with Nurkasih Holiday & Tours for their tour operations. We are indeed very happy that these established companies have placed their trust in Scania for the sustainability of their businesses.” 

As stated above, the handover of vehicles was held in conjunction with the Scania Open Day (which I reported about earlier) which is ongoing throughout the month of July and August with a Scania branch holding the event for a day during the weekend. The event serves as an opportunity for Scania staff and their immediate family members as well as customers to mingle, understand what Scania can offer as an employer and have a more intimate look at how the company operates.

“Scania’s continuing success is based on our employees and our core values. We focus on the individual and our future success depends on the achievements from our employees,”  said Marie on the purpose of the Scania Open Day events.

The event also saw Scania presenting an award to Express Seni Budaya (M) Sdn Bhd for achieving the best fuel savings for a competition for the bus category based on the Scania Fleet Management System which was also held at the event (something for the customers to look forward to at the event most likely). The FMS is a total solutions approach from Scania for its customers to achieve the best profitability and efficiency in their businesses by gathering data from the driver’s performance and vehicle. That data is then used together with methods such as driver training and coaching to increase the productivity of the fleet, reduce fuel consumption and eventually reduce the cost of operations.

Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia Marie Sjödin Enström handing over new
Scania G410LA6x2MSZ trucks to Mr. Tony Yew, Marketing Director of Sin Hock
Soon Transport Sdn Bhd.
Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia Marie Sjödin Enström handing over the
new Scania K360IB4x2 to Mr Hafisol Hassan, Director of Nur Kasih Holiday & Tours
Sdn Bhd.
Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia Marie Sjödin Enström handing over the
new Scania G410LA6x2MSZ to Mr. Tajnoor, Director of LLZ Haulage Sdn Bhd.

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