Monday, August 13, 2018

PROTON Has Slightly Updated the Ertiga - New Dark Seat Fabric & Infotainment System

PROTON Cars have now updated the Proton Ertiga 6 seat (7can fit but middle seat in the middle row does not have a three point seatbelt, only lapbelt for Indonesia spec vehicle, hence 6 seater rating)  compact SUV to better suit Malaysian car buyers. The MPV was unveiled in Penang on Sunday at the awards ceremony for the Proton 1 Tank Adventure competition.

The refreshed Proton Ertiga now gets darker coloured fabric seats. This replaces the biege colour which was fitted to all Ertiga variants, a colour which was supposedly the main complaint why Malaysians did not buy it in the first place. Now, the seat fabric has been replaced with two tone dark and lighter grey fabric. Yes, it does look more in line with local tastes. The biege seat fabric was originally specified as the Proton Ertiga was specced exactly like the Indonesian variant of the Suzuki Ertiga, the car which the Proton Ertiga is a rebadged version of.

The second thing is the upgraded infotainment system fitted inside it. The Proton Ertiga now feels like something from 2016 at least. It has a 7 inch touchscreen with radio, DVD, Bluetooth and more. The top specced Ertiga Premium AT also adds Navigation to it. I say its 2016 because I don't think it has Apple or Android play connectivity like newer systems buy in an entry level MPV, this is quite okay.

These are the two major and I believe necessary upgrades that should make the Ertiga a little more competitive than before. Aside from that, everything remains as it is. It still is a darn spacious entry level MPV with rear air blowers which will keep rear passengers cool too. It still looks the same outside.

It is also a fuel saving vehicle as it has received the Energy-efficient Vehicle (EEV) rating by the relevant authorities in Malaysia. The 1'4liter engine makes 91hp and 133Nm of torque which is actually enough to move seven people up Genting Highlands. We Malaysians are a fussy group of people. Lucky we aren't Indonesians...they get a 1.0 Avanza to move seven people around.

The newly refresh Ertiga Xtra comes in three variants -Executive MT (manual), Executive AT and Premium AT. Four colours - ruby red, carnelian brown, cotton white and metal grey.  With a five year warranty and a ASEAN NCAP four star rating.

Click here if you wanted to read on how the Proton Ertiga drives...biege seats aside.

Prices are in the pic below.


AhLek said...

Hi! If I remembered correctly, Ertiga is a 6 seater. Can you confirm that?

Rigval Reza said...

It can seat seven..but Malaysian spec is officially six because the middle row has no three point seatbelt for the middle seat. Indonesia sells the Ertiga with a middle lap belt. Sorry for the confusion

Marji Saim said...

Maybe if proton rebade suzi swift. The sale jump 1c

Rigval Reza said...

I wish that would happen too...but since Geely is now running Proton, and the Suzuki Ertiga arrangement would now seem like a one off deal between Proton and Suzuki. We shall see the Honda CRV sized SUV coming by the end of the year and another smaller Honda HRV sized COMPACT SUV coming after that. They seem to be going the SUV way after this....