Friday, August 10, 2018

The PROTON 1 TANK ADVENTURE Write-up - Oh...We Have to Take Part in the Finals Tomorrow!!! [With Links to the Facebook Videos]

Those that have been following our exploits on our Facebook page would know that we recently (17-18 July 2018) won the Proton Persona Media category for the Proton 1 Tank Adventure Central Region. Now, we have to compete in the Finals which is scheduled to be held tomorrow. We are competing against the best from the Northern, Southern, Sabah and East Coast legs to see who gets the best.

Honestly, incredible fuel consumption figures were achieved. There could be no need buy an EEV hybrid. I can bet if u just increased the average speed of the best competitors in here a little very good fuel figures could be done on a daily basis too. Say from 5.0l/100km to 6.5l/100km realistically is possible for daily commutes.

Also note that this is called the 1 tank adventure. Not a challenge. So we actually stopped and ate, drank and took photos that weren't on the actual check points (selfies...lotsa them as you can see from the pic above). And we still managed 4.95liters per 100km. 

A competitor from the PROVOC (Proton Persona VVT Owners Club) ACTUALLY gets 430km per full tank on his commute to work and back - from Cheras to KL Sentral. This is actually a feat of its own. Impressive and we have actually shown that it is possible.

Proton cars have improved a fair bit these days. Fuel consumption is so much better than before. I would say the previous Proton Persona had bad consumption. This one was good.

If you folks want to read a well written report on the experience, do head over to Autoworld.Com.My and read my co-driver Zachary Ho's article. It is concise. It tells you that we actually drove sensibly and not at ridiculously slow uncle speeds. The B-roads were also traffic choked at places (especially on the route from Kuala Selangor to Teluk Intan). The average speed was always bewteen 60 to 90kmh with 100kmh on downhill stretches on the highway. 

Videos from Facebook:

At the Start of the PROTON 1 Tank Adventure Central Leg

Filling Up The Persona

Doing 60kmh on Guthrie Highway

Sometime before reaching Teluk Intan - traffic and all.

With the PROVOC Club boys at Kellie's Castle

We even overtook we weren't exactly snails also. Stay tuned as we are also uploading another video (on our Youtube channel) on how to drive economically. It was recorded as part of the videos above but we have not uploaded it as yet.

Do check out the figures the winners acheived. Amazing figures from the cars and drivers.
Winners and Fuel consumption:
Md Shariffuddin Ismail / Md Sallehuddin, 30.43L, 4.75L/100KM.
Mohd Faiz Aizat Azali / Mohd Nazri Mohd Raus 30.39L, 4.75L/100KM.

Mohd Hafiz / Ahmad Syahir, 25.617L, 4.0L/100KM.
Mohd Rigval Reza / Zachary Ho Weng Sum, 31.7L, 4.95L/100KM.

Mohd Faiz Ghazali / Ahmad Daud Abdul Manan, 22.895L, 3.57L/100KM.
Rizal Johan / NurHazah Ibrahim 32.0L, 5.0L/100KM.

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