Sunday, January 07, 2018

No. You Cannot Buy A Proton Car With Bitcoin - Dealer Who Advertised As Such Suspended

Bitcoin seems to be on people's mind these days. People are thinking that this virtual money can buy a lot of things even here in Malaysia until PROTON has decided to clarify on the matter. The whole thing became a bit of a viral hoo-haa because one PROTON dealer claimed that you could actually buy a Proton car using Bitcoin. This isn't the case folks. And the dealer has been suspended! So you CANNOT buy a Proton Iriz, Persona, Saga, Perdana, Ertiga with Bitcoin okay?

According to what we have been informed, PROTON does not recognise any transaction or offer (via its dealership network) and the dealer (photo above) who is based in Seri Kembangan from what we dug up, has been suspended pending further investigation on the matter. Whilst the Malaysian car company is actually open to try out innovative ways of selling their cars or products to people they do not condone promotional activities which are not endorsed by them. Or in this case, still NOT endorsed by the Central Bank of Malaysia. 

Yes folks, this Bitcoin thingy is still not officially endorsed by the government. Right now everyone is still monitoring on the progress of this virtual money. No idea which way it will head but personally, if all governments suddenly declare it as illegal, then like any bubble, or MLM venture, it will collapse. 

Personally, even if Bitcoin were legitimate, it would be a good thing, but right now, one single Bitcoin is valued at RM66,028. The MLM thing to this is that they now say that you can OWN a part of that one Bitcoin. How silly is that lah? One Bitcoin is the smallest denominator is One Satoshi, which is One Hundred Millionth of a Bitcoin. That's even more ridiculous as imagine dividing RM66,0028 by 0.00000001 BTC. Then say you own 100 satoshi. Somehow, this alone is confusing as heck.

Just buy an apartment in a prime location and watch it rise in value after 6 years. 

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