Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Spotted For Sale: 2007 Audi A4 S Line aka White Angel - How Do They Come Up With These Names???

Well, the first question that begs asking is that what the heck is an Audi 'White Angel'? The answer to this is the white Audi A4 S Line from 2007 which you see above. The owner who wants to sell it off calls it 'White Angel'. Must be one heck of an Audi A4.

Or just a guy who loves his white stanced Audi that he calls it his Angel. Must have fanatasies about that car at night too. I tried Googling it and Christmas decorations came up. It's either he just loves this A4 or he's Santa Claus.

Whatever the case the chap needs to sell it off to buy something else (a SUV according to the advert). Must be heart breaking to the owner. Although since its a 10 year plus old Audi, it could also be breaking his wallet too. Vorsprung Durch Technik is quite an expensive proposition here you know.

If it were red would it be called the 'Red Devil'? Or if purple would he just call it 'Barney'? 

"Seller Says

 Hi mudah,
Audi A4 full spec Sline Quattro Turbo untuk dijual
Reason upgrade SUV
Minyak jimat
Road tax murah
Servis baru buat saja owner baru cuci kaki terus
bawa balik
Minyak hitam baru servis
Aircond sejuk beku
Kamera depan belakang bole rekod n touch screen
Sound system BOSE
Cat masih baru elok lg owner jarang 2 naik
Full bodykit mmg lawa siap Spoiler
Leather seat depan belakang

Berminat bole call sy Show contact number utk tgok keta..
Kereta m...
Read more
Make Audi
Model A4
Type Sedan
Transmission Auto
Engine Capacity 2000 cc
Mileage 95 000 - 99 999
Mfg. Year 2007"

Read more at while it is still up on mudah.

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