Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Naza Kia Introduces The Locally Assembled (CKD) Kia Grand Carnival - Better Equipment With The Same Prices

Naza Kia Malaysia, the official distributor of Kia here in Malaysia has officially introduced the locally assembled (CKD) version of the good looking Kia Grand Carnival MPV. According to them, the feature laden people carrier is sold at the same price as before but it comes with a lot more additional equipment.

Now before you folks out there start the usual Malaysian thing to do, which is get all worked up, this most likely happened because Naza Kia Malaysia was allowed to sell the fully imported Carnival at a certain price in lieu of local assembly. It's a give and take situation between the company and the powers that be. But with this new locally assembled CKD model, you are getting a lot more goodies.

The Kia Grand Carnival CKD comes in two variants - the EX and KX. Both variants get an upgraded 8-inch Touch Screen Infotainment System, which can connect to your smartphone via Apple Carplay and Android Auto so that either user does not feel left out. The infotainment system will allow it to access their smartphone functions including maps and navigation, calls, messages and music from it. 

The Kia Grand Carnival CKD now has Bluetooth connectivity with steering control too. This allows users to directly connect their smart devices to the vehicle via Bluetooth with a few flicks of the finger, without taking his or her hands off the steering wheel and start trying out buttons on the infotainment unit. Safety is increased of course.

Both variants also have an Electro Chromic Rear View Mirror which automatically dims when headlights shine onto the mirror’s surface. This reduces discomfort and glare especially when there are those who drive with their high beams on or have badly adjusted headlights, or worse still, badly adjusted headlights using aftermarket floodlight quality bulbs. With auto dimming technology, the mirror dims in proportion to the intensity which allows the driver to have a clearer view at all times without having to manually adjust the mirror when driving at night making it less of a strain to the driver. 

Other notable enhancements include leather seats Aeroblade wipers as well as Tri-Zone Air conditioners in the  EX variant. The KX gets manual adjustment air conditioning and fabric seats for differentiation.

Prices for the Kia Grand Carnival CKD starts at RM161,191.63 for the KX and RM180,667.99 For the EX The Kia Grand Carnival CKD is now available at all authorised Kia outlets nationwide. Test drives are also available to those who are interested.

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