Thursday, January 11, 2018

Motorsport: NAZA Aylezo Announces OneApps Group Berhad As Team Sponsor For The 2018 Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific

Team NAZA Aylezo recently welcomed the Oneapps Group Berhad as their main Sponsor for the upcoming 2018  Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific. The event was held at Naza Italia's showroom in Petaling Jaya also showcased the Team Oneapps NAZA Aylezo Ferrari 488 Challenge race car with the new team colours.

This is the team's second year in the Ferrari Challenge Cup and the team is hopeful that 2018 will bring them positive results like 2017, where the team managed 8 podium finishes from 13 races. This result as well as team driver Zen Low's performance earned him (and the team) the overall third placing in the top tier Trofeo Pirelli category of the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific 2017. So this year, with OneApps Group in tow as the team sponsors, this year the Malaysian challenger in the Ferrari Challenge will be called the Team OneApps NAZA Aylezo. 

It takes a whole lot of everything in motorsport. Aside from getting the right driver, someone like Zen, the right car, a Ferrari 488 Challenge would be nice, and a great support team, having good sponsors who can ensure the necessary expenditure is also very important. Motorsport is a business, where it is not just the car, the driver and the team but the support needed to fund it all. Of course, motorsport also benefits from the exposure and the advertising of a company who sponsors a car or the driver behind it. 
L to R - Farid Sulaiman - COO NazaItalia, Dato Seri Lim Siang Loong - Founder, Oneapps Group & Zen Low

According to Dato Seri Lim Siang Loong, founder and CEO of Oneapps Group Berhad, the group is excited to be a part of Team OneApps NAZA Aylezo for the 2018 Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific and they hope that the synergy between OneApps with NAZA Aylezo will benefit both parties and they wish the best to Zen and the team in their racing endeavor. 

As for Zen Low, who is also the founder of Team Aylezo, he looks forward to a fruitful partnership between Oneapps Group and the Naza Aylezo team. He predicts that upcoming races would be tough but he is quite confident that the team has the right package to do even better in this coming season. Note that as team founder, there was actually a lot of pressure to find the correct sponsors as motorsport is an expensive endeavor (over Euro 400,000 per annum to compete in the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific). 

Whilst the Ferrari Challenge was actually formed for owners and enthusiasts to go racing in their Ferrari, it is also divided in to three fields - from the pros to the novices. Zen competes in the pro level with semi works teams participating - Naza operates NazaItalia who are the official distributors of Ferrari in Malaysia. So it is actually more of a business venture for Naza rather than just racing on an amateur level here.

Oneapps Group Berhad was founded in 2016 and is a provider of IT business solutions and one-stop payment kiosks in Malaysia. They have a wide list of clients from both the private and government sectors. The most visible product the group has is the the Oneapps Pay Kiosk which offers the public an easier, faster way to pay various bills through a single terminal, and giving them a sense of security as well. Oneapps Pay Kiosks are located in shopping centers around Malaysia for ease of use.

The one make, one model 2018 Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific will feature 6 rounds in the calendar, with the first round taking place in Melbourne, Australia (22-25 March), followed by Hampton Downs, NewZealand (12-15 April), and Shanghai, China (24-27 May). The race series then moves to Japan where they will host two rounds, one in Fuji (28 June – 1 July) and the other in Suzuka (23-25 August), before moving on to the final round in the Asia-Pacific region at Singapore (14-16 September). All participants now use the turbocharged Ferrari 488 Challenge in the races. 

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