Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Offers & Promotions: Volkswagen Malaysia's 'Leaders of the Pack' Chinese New Year Campaign Is ON

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia has announced its 'Leaders of the Pack' Chinese New Year sales campaign. Book and register a Volkswagen car by the 28th of February 2018 and you will be receiving a free 'Liquid Gold' Petrol Card worth a very auspicious RM1,188. If that amount of petrol was put into a Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI, it would be able to do more than 10,000km worth of travel. 

Aside from that, the first 250 lucky customers who book and register their Volkswagen will also be presented a limited edition LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van. Quite a technical Lego set actually and worth a fair bit if you are into Lego. 

Of course, the main attraction to the 'Leader of the Pack' campaign are the rebates on the vehicles being sold. Rebates are from RM3,000 for the very popular Tiguan Highline to a whopping RM18,000 for the Volkswagen Passat Comfortline - This is the Passat mid-ranged 1.8 TSI equipped D segment sedan which drives well and is well equipped. The list of cars is as follows:

Model                                    Cash Rebate                                          Additional
Beetle Design                         RM 5,000
Jetta Comfortline                    RM 10,000
Jetta Highline                          RM 8,000
Passat Trendline                     RM 18,000                                            Low interest rate from
Passat Comfortline                 RM 18,000                                            0.88% per annum for the three
Passat Highline                       RM 6,000                                              Passat Variants.
Polo                                       RM 7,000
Tiguan Comfortline                 RM 5,000
Tiguan Highline                       RM 3,000
Vento Trendline                     RM 10,000
Vento Comfortline                 RM 10,000
Vento Highline                        RM 9,000

The offers mentioned above when mixed with the recent announcement that all Volkswagen cars come with a FREE 3 year maintenance programme makes the ownership proposition quite a tasty one. As of 1 st January 2018, all Volkswagen cars come with a free 3-year maintenance programme, which means that those who purchase their Volkswagen after that date will not have to worry about service cost for the first three years or 45,000km of ownership (whichever comes first). The programme covers all maintenance costs, as per the standard maintenance schedule, with the exception of wear-and-tear parts such as brake discs, pads, windscreen wipers and bulbs.

All of these incentives make Volkswagen ownership very possible to many again if you think about it. The rebates you get as well as the free maintenance programme allow you to actually save some money, collect some interest so that you can actually not feel the pinch of servicing the car after three years! That peace of mind where unforeseen repairs are not coming out from one's pocket is a great thing. But do remember to keep everything under the terms and conditions of the warranty. So be aware of everything and don't take things from granted (some advice here).

Anyway, to qualify for the promotion and giveaways, all vehicle bookings must be made within the promotion period and is subject to terms and conditions and of course, while stocks lasts. They do this to sell off all the cars you know. 

For more information, please visit your nearest authorized Volkswagen dealership or visit www.volkswagen.com.my .

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