Friday, June 23, 2017

Malaysian Drivers Especially Those in Klang Valley Need to Have More Patience and Need Better Road Ethics

Traffic in and around the Klang Valley during the fasting month is usually horrible. Everyone wants to get home at a certain time and everyone wants to beat the jam. But they usually don't get to beat the jam to they? We now have people who are so darn impatient that they end up causing more traffic jam than otherwise. They also make themselves reach their destination even later. Check out these picture above (from BikesRepublic) and below. 

The Proton Iriz in the main pic above must be a total moron. If not for the traffic bollards he or she would try to drive through the tunnel and cause a whole lot more inconvenience to the bikers. Thank God the Iriz got stuck in the drain beside it. The SsangYong Actyon driver was caught by the police. Thank God for that. Serves both the idiots right.

These are really stupid people who somehow think that their cars are motorcycles. The two cars were on the Federal Highway Motorcycle lanes. Why? Just because you see motorcycles using the car lanes you think you can use the motorcycle lane is it? Do you have a brain or not? Do you understand road signs and traffic laws or not? If you don't, you better not drive at all.

You are causing so much problems for others just because of your impatience. If you are late, suck it up lah. Everyone is also late. I do think people are becoming more impatient day after day. You got to stand back and take a look at yourselves. It's not about only you, okay? Think about that.

I have been to place places where the traffic is worse than Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. I see better road manners than here. These are places where the country is supposedly poorer than us. Yet we behave like barbarians. And yet you expect the politicians to stop being corrupted when you are as blatant in breaking the laws of the land. There is no difference whether the crime is a big one or a small one. If you yourselves like abusing power for small matters what makes you think other people would do otherwise in a seat of authority? You guys need to start with yourselves.  

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