Friday, June 23, 2017


Procara Entertainment Sdn Bhd, the main organiser for the upcoming MOTONATION 2017 which is to be held in December at the PICC in Putrajaya has successfully secured a unique 40ft Mobilized LED Advertising Truck for their upcoming roadshows. The launch ceremony was officiated by Procara's Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Khalid Ramli together with the guest of honor, YBhg Dato' Husni Salleh, CEO of TERAJU in front of representheatives of their 250 vendors, partners and lifestyle clubs which have a stake in this autoshow. The event was also held to officially announce MOTONATION 2017's strategic outdoor marketing plans as well as the next 5 months pre-event activities until the actual event.

From left : Jack Ter (Managing director of Helo Global Sdn Bhd), Dato’ Husni Salleh (CEO of TERAJU), Tan Sri Khalid Ramli (Executive Chairman of Procara Entertainment Sdn Bhd), Dato’ Stephen (Managing Director of Treeletrik Bike), Faisal Ali (Director of Helo Global Sdn Bhd), Mohd Nazrul Zahri (Executive Director of Procara Entertainment Sdn Bhd), Mohd Ridhuan Tio (Chairman of Procara Entertainment Sdn Bhd), Kent Chong (Executive director of Helo Global Sdn Bhd).

During the launch, Procara Entertainment signed a joint venture agreement with HeloLED, via HELO Global Sdn Bhd as the Co-organizer of MOTONATION. The signing ceremony was executed via representatives from both parties, Mr. Mohd Nazrul Zahri, Executive Director of Procara Entertainment Sdn Bhd and Mr. Kent Chong, Executive Director of Helo Global Sdn. Bhd, which was expected to boost the marketing platform for MOTONATION.

HeloLED, which is under HELO Global Sdn Bhd, has been appointed as the official MOTONATION outdoor advertising partner. HeloLED is a pioneer and also a Digital Mobile LED Truck Operator & Builder with a fleet of more than 10 mobile units in the local market. HeloLED offers Mobile LED Trucks for Advertising, Marketing Campaigns, Roadshows and Government Awareness Campaigns to reach any specific market group and target audience.

HeloLED calls their advertising mobile LED truck, The "Transformer". The "Transformer", the first ever special advertising vehicle equipped with huge liftable high brightness outdoor LED Display, built-in sound & multi-media system, high-powered generator, reclinable stage, expandable cabin, slidable doors and stabilizers controlled by hydraulic systems via remote has been approved by SPAD and legally registered with JPJ. This long bodied 40 footer permanently mounted on a long trailer tagged with the highly powered Renault prime mover, happens to be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Equipped with air-conditioned expandable cabin, The "Transformer" can be transformed to become a mobile product showroom, property gallery, ticketing office, performance stage and anything you can think of that needs such a truck.

MOTONATION will be the first major automotive event to use roadshows as its main marketing strategy. They are expected to start their roadshow program in Kota Bharu after the Aidilfitri celebrations in July. The roadshow programs will also be held in Penang, Johor Bahru and various other spots especially in Klang Valley. Apart from these roadshows, MOTONATION will also host a few pre-event activities, such as Motoring Art in collaboration with National Art Gallery. This is expected to be held in August and a superbike convoy from Putrajaya to Bukit Jalil in conjunction with the Merdeka celebration. All of these activities are expected to draw many visitors and participants towards the main event which is on the 1st-3rd December 2017 at PICC in Putrajaya, as potential visitors will be exposed and well informed about MOTONATION 2017.

Aside from the above, MOTONATION had also signed an agreement with mobile app developer company, ONE SMART STAR as MOTONATION's official mobile app developer partner. One Smart Star operates nationwide in 60 countries and provides an application background to simplify all digital and social platforms such as event location, websites, exhibitors list, event informations and updates, sponsors and partners under a simple dial of *6866 (*MOTO). Users / visitors will just need to download the free STAR PHONE app and dial *6866 (*MOTO) to access all the informations about MOTONATION 2017. MOTONATION is the first automotive event to collaborate and leverage on this technology.

Besides this, MOTONATION has also agreed to work with FlashCash, a mobile e-wallet that enables users to make secure payments in-store, in application and also in web. With this partnership, MOTONATION is expected to integrate this payment method in their event for the purchase of merchandise, online ticketing and also during the event registration. MOTONATION will be the first event ever to integrate such technology.

A lot of partners, a lot of roadshows planned and a lot of advertising. Let's hope that this event will be a roaring success for the organisers. 

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