Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Contests: #ITSASCANIA contest by SCANIA MALAYSIA is back by popular demand

Scania Malaysia has brought back their #ITSASCANIA contest. Take a creative picture of yourself together with Scania vehicle or many Scania vehicles and you could win yourself an Apple Watch - Scania Edition and other prizes. 

The contest details are as follows:

How to enter:

Take a most creative picture of yourself together with Scania vehicle(s). Please ensure that the vehicle is stationary for your safety. Photos within Scania premises are not allowed.

Share it on your own Facebook page and tag Scania Malaysia Facebook. Post a creative caption of 15 words or less. Caption must include the words “#ITSASCANIA”. 

Posts can be in English and/or any other languages.

You can post as many times as you want.

This contest starts on 12th of June and ends on 16th of July 2017. 

The contest consists of two parts: From the 12th of June until 9th of July, 2017, Scania will select four nominees. 

From the 10th of July until 16th of July, 2017, Scania will post all four nominees for the public to vote.
The nominees are selected by Scania based on the combination of the most creative caption together with the picture and the number of likes. The grand prize, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and 3rd runner-up will be selected by the public through the most number of likes. Should there be a need for a tie breaker, Scania will decide based on the best caption. 

Terms and conditions:
1. This contest is not open to Scania employees.
2. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and above.
3. Participants must be a Malaysian citizen, permanent resident in Malaysia or with a valid working pass in Malaysia.
4. Proof of mailing, proof of commenting, proof of emailing and proof of messaging is not proof of receiving.
5. Scania Malaysia reserves the right to change any part of the contest without prior notice.
6. All judges’ decisions are final, and may not be challenged by the contestants. 
7. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash. Scania Malaysia reserves the right to change prizes without prior notice.
8. Participants are obligated to take part in any sales and marketing activities that Scania organises. Scania reserves the right to use the names, likenesses and submissions of the participants in any sales and marketing activities for the purpose of promoting products, services and others. The participants agree that Scania Malaysia is allowed to use or reproduce winning photos for future use without prior notification or credit.
9. Participants must not refer to the trademarks, products and services of Scania in a derogatory fashion, or act in such a way as to discredit the trademarks, products and services of Scania and damage its image.
10. Photos must:
a. be original and must not infringe on any Intellectual Property Rights, other rights, person or entity
b. not contain any sexually explicit or obscene content
c. not make reference to any dangerous, illegal or violent acts
d. not be racially motivated or not contain of hate speeches
11. Scania Malaysia House Rules under Notes section in Facebook continues to apply.
12. In the event of any dispute concerning these terms and conditions, the English version will prevail. 

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