Monday, June 19, 2017

Spotted For Sale: 1993 Proton Iswara 1.5 (A) 'TipTop Conditions' - What Does 'Tip-Top' Mean Again?

I have spotted another interesting car for sale. Really. This Proton Saga Iswara isn't interesting per se. In fact it is as interesting as leftover food from the most terribly run cafeteria in the world. What got me interested is the fact that people love using those marketing phrases like 'good condition', 'like new', 'free accident' or in this case, 'TipTop Conditions'. Malaysian English included.

So this Saga Iswara is 'Tip Top' according to the seller. What does it mean again? Much like the one featuring the Perodua Kancil with a lady owner, we have another one using fantastic sales jargon with a 'fantastic' product to sell. Aside from TIP TOP, the seller had to add the 'Original Paint' phrase to the sales pitch. The paint is so original that we can see the primer underneath. There are scratches everywhere. Here and there. We know that because of the wear, the paint remaining on the car is surely the original paint from the factory.

This car is so 'Tip Top' and with 'Original Paint'. That being said, maybe someone may buy this car and convert it to a manual and run in the Malaysian Saga Cup series. Who knows what the future holds for this 'TIP TOP' Saga. 

The Saga continues...

Original ad is here (while it lasts) and down below:

Seller Says
 Acc Free
Aircond Cool
Original Auto
Original Part
Original Paint
High Trade In

Please Call AZRIN:014 2347xxxx


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