Monday, June 19, 2017

Do Be Aware of Wildlife Crossings Especially During the Upcoming Festive Holidays Folks!

Hari Raya holidays are just around the corner and just like any other festive season, the number of vehicles plying our roads is expected to increase. A decrease would never happen until we have a fantastic system of public transport or when no one has any kampung or village to return to. Highly unlikely so there will surely be an exodus of people out of large cities when this happens. So when this happens, do be aware that the roads you travel on may be used as wildlife crossings. This is especially so on rural roads and those like the ones crossing national parks like Taman Negara or the East-West Highway up north. 

Such areas will have signboards warning you of animals in the area. Usually in these parts you will see the signboards with outline of an elephant, cows, monkeys or even a tapir as warning. Do not take these warnings for granted. I have had friends hit cows who have been sitting on the roads at night in an around Perak and Kedah. A friend also managed to avoid a kerbau or a buffalo in Negeri Sembilan. I know another who spun narrowly avoiding a cow somewhere in Pahang. And of course, we have heard stories of elephants over at the East-West Highway from Gerik to Kota Bahru. 

Do not think you're in a car you are protected. I have been in small accidents like hitting a regular sized dog which caused a lot of damage to the front bumper, a fender and headlight of the car I was travelling in. Even something the size of a dog can cause a lot of damage. Imagine something the size of a cow or even a wild boar hitting you. It would be a huge knock. 

So do take note folks. Your kampung isn't going anywhere la. Be a little more zen in your outlook. A little more calm this time around. You will not miss Hari Raya by being slow and steady. 

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