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Feature Post & Contest: New DIY car care range from 3M Malaysia - #Beraya3Mstyle photo contest with a full set to be won this Hari Raya season

New DIY car care range from 3M Malaysia; full set up to giveaway this Raya

Synonymous with the Raya season, Sudirman’s classic “Balik Kampung”can always be heard on the radio. After the holy month of Ramadhan, many of us will be making our yearly tradition back to our respective hometowns in time for Hari Raya. Just with every Raya, we hope for new clothes, new furniture, maybe a new haircut or new recipes. 

But what about also driving back to your hometown in your car looking almostbrand spanking new? It’s no doubt that you’ll be in a rush with the last minute shopping, cooking and cleaning you have to do. However, car maintenance before the long journey home should not be neglected. 

Foggy headlights, dirty windshields, scratched body work and built-up dirt and grime are only some of the many issues you might be facing.So how can you spruce up your car with much ease in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost and time?

Here’s how you can give your car a clean start when you balik kampung this Hari Raya season.

Clear headlights to light the way
In the past, replacing scratched, clouded or yellowed plastic headlight covers was an expensive necessity. Sun, weather and age of the car are what causes these foggy headlights. If left untreated, it’s not just an eye-sore, but it can severely reduce visibility in low light conditions, making it harder to see and be seen at night.

To avoid any unnecessary and preventable accidents, start off by cleaning the headlights with a car wash cleaner. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess water and dry off the headlights.Next, you can apply a headlight renewal product directly on the headlightsusing a microfiber cloth. Be sure to polish the entire surface of the headlight until it is clear again and with little effort, it’ll be as good as new again.

The comparison, before and after
What can you use: The new 3M™ Quick Headlight Renewal can be used for a light restoration or can opt for the new 3M™ Headlight Restoration Kit for a tougher restoration. 

Before treatment

After treatment

Both products feature 3M’s abrasive technology and polishing compound to restore hazy and dull headlight covers, as well as other plastic lens surfaces on your vehicle including the tail lights, fog and directional lights. The new headlight renewal product range is designed to restore the surface of the treated area as close to its original condition as possible. The product range will also continue to protectthe applied area for months to come. 

Increase visibility and vision with almost-new windshield
Got a small chip in your windshield? Damages like these occur from objects hitting your windscreen and might grow larger if left unchecked. Rather than spending unnecessary money and time on windshield repairs - small bullseye, spiderweb or star damage with less than 1inch in diameter can be fixed easily using a windshield repair kit to fix.

The new 3M™ Windshield Repair Kit is a one-component windshield repair system that restores your windshield to “like-new” quality. The product is easy to use, and requires no mixing or heating. When restoring your windshield, always start by cleaning the affected area so it is free of any dirt, dust and debris. Swab the affected area with alcohol provided in the kit using a microfiber cloth. Then, install the resin nozzle directly onto the affected area. The center of the affected area should be right in the middle of the resin nozzle.


Apply resin
Once positioned, apply the resin nozzle and screw in the upper portion of the nozzle to inject the resin into the windshield. Repeat the process if one attempt doesn’t completely fill in the affected area. Once completed, remove the nozzle, add 1-2 more drops of resin on the affected area and cover the affected area with a clear plastic square. Allow to cure for 30 minutes. Lastly, simply remove the plastic square and clean up. For a detailed video tutorial, kindly view the link below:-

Bring back the shine
Around keyholes and on the edges of your car, fine scratches can often be found. You can restore these hairline scratches back to its original condition by using a simple abrasive sanding square or paper, a rubbing compound, a scratch remover and a car polish for a finishing touch.

However, abrasive sanding squares or papers, rubbing compounds, scratch removers and car polishes all come separately and could be expensive if purchased separately. Furthermore, the mix of chemicals and materials used may not be suitable for your car. The new 3M™ Scratch & Scruff Removal Kit is a complete-kit which is effective to restore shine and gloss to scratched and scuffed painted areas. No tools are required for the process and the kit includes the necessary abrasive square, rubbing compound and scratch remover. Light scratches are easily removed and the car’s body is transformed as close to its original self as possible.

Before starting any treatment though, make sure the affected area is clean from dirt and grime using a car cleaner. Be sure to clean the area thoroughly and dry it after. You can then begin by sanding down the affected area using the abrasive squares or paper. Every 10 seconds or so, clean the affected area with a microfiber cloth. If the scratch is still there, continue to sand downwith the abrasive square or paper until the scratch is gone. The finished area should look ahazycolor.

Next, use the rubbing compound and buff the affected area. This will remove the hazy area from the sanding process. You’ll then move on to a scratch remover to remove the excess residue on the affected area and to fill up the affected area.Lastly, apply polish onto the affected area and buff until the car’s shine appears again.



Remove access dirt & grimefor an all-rounded shine

Always use the right cleaners to remove dirt and grime from your car. Bug splatter and stains commonly found on cars should be cleared out before it leaves a permanent mark. After a good wash, cleaning and various treatments, it’s always a good idea to wax your car for an all-rounded shine and sparkle.

To begin with, use the new 3M™ Foaming Bug Remover on areas of bug splatter and residue. Spray a generous amount of foam to cling deeper and penetrate to loosen bug residue. After a few minutes, clean the area using a microfiber cloth. 

But, if you really don’t have time for a car wash, use the new 3M™ Waterless Wash & Wax to clean your entire vehicle without water! Simply spray on and wipe off. The 3M™ Waterless Wash & Wax can also be used on all exterior vehicle surfaces from paint, plastic, chrome, glass, metal, rubber, wheels and tires as well.

For an easier finish, you can also use 3M™ One Step Cleaner Wax which can remove fine scratches, light oxidation, swirl marks, water spots and minor stains. The wax leaves a deep rich finish and is excellent for hand and machine use. You will want to focus your efforts by buffing on one intended area at a time for example, the bonnet, booth & doors. Use broad strokes and move in a snake like motion ensuring you have every area covered.

Don’t forget to also scrub the wheels and tires using a bristle brush, and a proprietary wheel-cleaning product if necessary to remove dirt, grease, and the stubborn brake dusts which tend to stick on the wheels. 

Now that you are finally done with the whole car, all that’s left to do is marvel at your work, and most importantly, be safe on the roads and enjoy the Raya celebrations!

Win the full range by joining the #Beraya3Mstyle photo contest
Stand a chance to take home a full set of the latest 3M Auto Care product range this Raya by participating in the #Beraya3Mstyle photo contest. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Snap a photo of you and the car you’re driving back to your kampung this Raya
2. Complete this sentence as your photo caption: I celebrate my Raya in style by...
3. Add the hashtag #Beraya3Mstyle, #my3MRaya and post it on 3M AutoCare Malaysia’s Facebook page:

The photo contest begins today and ends 6PM, 1st July 2017.

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