Monday, June 05, 2017

Offers & Promotions: Audi Malaysia Open Haus Promotion Begins

Audi Malaysia has started its Hari Raya sales campaign featuring great deals through the Audi Progressive Plan, as well as a special Audi Service Clinic for older vehicles and a thematic video celebrating brotherhood entitled “NakIkutBolehTak?” 

Great Deals through the Audi Progressive Plan

In conjunction with the festive season, Audi Malaysia has just launched the Audi Open Haus promotion at all nine authorised Audi dealerships nationwide from 5 June to 31 July 2017. Featuring the Audi Progressive Plan step-up financing on all models (except the Audi R8 - which I think most R8 customers are on a different level to need such financing), this financing programme allows prospective owners to pick up their preferred brand new Audi vehicle to enjoy monthly installments for the first year from as low as RM 999 for the sporty Audi Q3, RM 1,399 for the dynamic Audi Q5 and RM 1,499 for the executive Audi A6 sedan. 

Audi Service Clinic for older Audi vehicles

From 10-17 June 2017, there will be a special Audi “Fresh!” Service Clinic whereby all Audi vehicles aged four years or older (inclusive of parallel imported vehicles) are qualified to get a comprehensive 21-point vehicle health check, a dust and pollen filter change (worth up to RM 400), an Audi vehicle care kit as well as other maintenance services for only RM350, ensuring a safer and smoother balik kampung drive. Less 'Adui' for your old Audi if you know what I mean.

Audi Malaysia video series

On a softer note, Audi Malaysia will be introducing a video series titled “NakIkutBolehTak?”; loosely translated as “Can I Tag Along”, the video is a moving account of the unbreakable bond between two brothers (in typical festive season tear inducing style). 

For more information on the Audi Open Haus campaign or to follow the Audi “NakIkutBolehTak?” story, please head over to the Audi Malaysia website at or the Audi Malaysia Facebook page at

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