Friday, August 12, 2016

Volvo Car Malaysia announces EEV status for selected models - XC60 & V40 models are now more affordable!

XC60 T5

Good News! Volvo Car Malaysia, the already jovial and happy chaps who sell well designed Swedish cars are now happy to announce that selected models equipped with their latest, and currently very efficient Drive-E powertrains has been accorded EEV (energy efficient vehicle) status. With that, three Drive-E models sold in Malaysia will now enjoy better tax break incentives from the Malaysian government. This means that they are cheaper to procure. Yup.

As a result, the retail prices of the following models has been revised to reflect this.The Models that are now sold with a lower price are as follows:

Retail price*                  Retail price with EEV incentive*

XC60 T6

RM318,888                   RM298,888

XC60 T5

RM288,888                   RM266,888

V40 T5 Drive-E

RM192,888                  RM180,888

*On-the-road MSRP without insurance, inclusive of six per cent GST

All basically get quite a fair bit off. It actually makes them quite good value if you want a car or a SUV with oodles of performance. The V40 T5 has over 240hp to play around with. I do not think you can find a car with that many horses or moose (since its a Volvo) under RM200,000. 

 V40 T5 Drive E

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Date of issue   August 12, 2016

Volvo Car Malaysia announces EEV status for selected models

Models with EEV status will enjoy retail price reduction due government incentives

KUALA LUMPUR – Volvo Car Malaysia is pleased to announce that select models equipped with the

Drive-E powertrain has now been accorded Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) status, which will result in a

retail price reduction for applicable models, thanks to customized government incentives.

Below is a comparison of retail prices (on-the- road without insurance, inclusive of six per cent GST)

before and after the incentives:

Models Retail price Retail price with EEV incentive

XC60 T6 RM318,888 RM298,888

XC60 T5 RM288,888 RM266,888

V40 T5 Drive-E RM192,888 RM180,888

Incentivising EEVs is an important part of the National Automotive Policy (NAP) which aims to encourage

the establishment of Malaysia as a regional automotive hub for EEVs.

Volvo believes that the utilisation of a highly efficient internal combustion engine, producing more power

output per cylinder whilst emitting lower emissions and consuming lesser fuel, will be the industry’s

benchmark for achieving increasingly tougher global emissions target.

“Our award-winning Drive-E powertrains offer customers a world-class blend of outstanding power and

lower fuel consumption which promises to bring efficient driving pleasure to a whole new level,” said

Lennart Stegland, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia.

Volvo is committed to advance significant steps towards a zero emissions future which started with the

development of a modular engine (Drive-E) and scalable platform architecture (SPA), both of which is

ready for future electrification.

Stegland adds, “We fully support the government’s initiative under the NAP to encourage the use of

EEVs in Malaysia as it will spur investments and development of green technologies from global

automotive players into Malaysia.”

Volvo Car Malaysia would also like to acknowledge the strong cooperation between the relevant

government agencies such as the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), Ministry of International Trade

and Industry (MITI), Ministry of Finance (MOF), Malaysian Investment Development Authority and the

Road Transport Department (JPJ) to ensure that all the requisites for the certification and incentives are


The revised retail pricing will come into effect on 12 August 2016.

END of Press Release

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