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Motorsport news: Suzuka Drift Race Challenge Series competition set for this 10th & 11th December 2016 in Batu Kawan

A company called Suzuka Oil Sdn. Bhd. has continued its push to try become a significant aspect in the world of professional Drift motorsports especially in Asia. After successfully organising 2 races in Penang (Batu Kawan end August 2015) and in the Klang Valley (May 2016, ELITE Speedway, PLUS Highway), Suzuka is seeing a return of the Suzuka Drift Race Challenge Series which will take place at Batu Kawan, Penang on the 10th and 11th of December 2016. They did the official launch and press conference of the event last sunday, the 31st of July. It was attended by a few drift cars...obviously.

The upcoming event in Batu Kawan will have the main drift race which will comprise of professional drifters and beginner enthusiasts alike. The organisers estimate 80 drifters throughout ASEAN - Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore will participate. In addition to the drift race, the event will also feature a massive 1,400 cars on show (I hope this'll be massive and we'll surely see some interesting cars), trade booths, drifter signing autograph session, lucky draw and contest and much more. pretty interesting. It is actually an earlier E70 series Corolla Liftback with the front end of a HatchiRoku grafted on. Everyone wants an AE86 I tell you.

Quite a bit of effort from a relatively new company selling lubricants. Their own drift team was set up in 2014 and it must take a lot of passion promoting the sport which at the same time will also promote Suzuka Oil Products. With the participation of people throughout Asia, it would definitely be beneficial for them in the long run.

I've been covering quite a lot of motorsport events recently. From the ones that will be held at Sepang and now this. This is seasonal usually and smaller events like this drift competition is actually good for grassroots motorsport. It is always interesting to see those on a budget going racing against those with a mountain to spend. This is one of those events. It should be interesting.

Imagine this....
...going against this

Suzuka Drift Race Challenge Series Gaining Momentum in Asia

31 July 2016 Kuala Lumpur: Suzuka Oil Sdn. Bhd., announces the launch of the

Suzuka Dift Race Challenge Series, a unique, industry-based event that will be

open to the general public. The event will take place at Batu Kawan, Penang on

December 10th to 11th, 2016 from 11.00am onwards. After successfully

organized 2 races in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Suzuka is seeing a return of

another exciting drift racing event

The weekend action will be highlighted by a drift race comprised of professional

drifters and enthusiasts alike, as well as 80 drifters from ASEAN - Malaysia,

China, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. In addition to the drift race, the event

will also feature a 1400 car show, trade booths, drifter signing autograph session,

lucky draw and contest and much more.

With corners ranging from very sharp to very wide, the track is a true favourite

with both driters and their audiences.Spectators can watch the race from a

vantage point close to the pits, with the drifting cars creating clouds of smoke as

they drift along the corners while the crowd cheers them on.

Of the company’s recent drift racing events, Suzuka’s advisor Tan Sri Dato’ Prof

Dr. James Alfred together with managing director Mr.James Chin said,

“Organizing the third suzuka drift race event, born and bred in Malaysia is one of

our proudest moments in our motor sports experience. We have contributed and

committed to promote drift racing as one of the prominent motor sport event

locally and internationally. We continued to nurture fresh talents to participate in

major international drift racing events with under the care of our local veteran

racers that has competed and won in international race events and make

Malaysia proud”

“As an importer for premium engine oil from Japan, for both the street

performance and racing markets, our dream of an exclusive event that offers an

opportunity for us to see the oil we offer in action is about to become a reality!

This event will allow our customers and other racers a unique venue to prove just

how much their builds are,” said Justin Leong, Event Manager. “We want to

make sure this is the best event you participate in all year, which is why we’ve

partnered with industry icons to make this an event to remember.”

To gain this momentous racing event, Suzuka planned and executed the


• To promote suzuka drift racing events as one of the main international

tourism motor sport event in Malaysia

• To promote drift racing as a healthy and safe motor sport event

Tickets for this special event go on sale the first week of November. Vendor and

display space is also available with all the event information being found at Follow Suzuka’s Drfit Race Challenge on Facebook


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